Knowing of JESUS doesn’t Save you

Knowing of JESUS doesn’t Save you. The SPIRIT Set Scripture for lukewarm to read and say “oh, I just have to say I Believe and go on living in my sin”.

Joe Bazaar

I thank God everyday for knowing our hearts. We get so hung up on the final destination we don’t give God room to complete the God work in ourselves and others. I feel lukewarm some days but I still feel his holy spirit guiding me. Thank you for your … See more

Mitchell Ross

It is more than believing and not sinning it is serving him and producing spiritual fruit which in turn recompenses evil with good. You expose evil by setting an example of good side by side with it. Then you glorify the Lord with your works. By sho… See more

Misty Jones Gipson

I think true belief entails a process of purging and repentance of sins.