Let God Hold You, You Will Never Slip to The World

Quote by: Her vowels and consonants


This is very timely @Katelyn As we all go through these hard times, we must not lose our hope and faith in God. When darkness is all around, it’s hard to see what He is doing, but if we walk in faith, we will begin to see the truths of who God is and what He did and is doing. To see the light, we need to trust and let God hold us and let Him guide us until we are no longer in darkness. God can change our lives and turn the worst situations into better because He has the power, the desire and the commitment to help us experience His love and promises in all circumstances.

What a wonderful insight to reflect on to, in all honesty I am guilty of this. As I struggle with life’s battle, facing trials and hardships I usually hold on to God through prayers and having faith that He will let me go through it. But when those struggles begin to get tough and rough I always falter and loose my grip on God’s hands. That’s why this is so appropriate for me right now, having been reminded by God that even if I let go of God’s hand, His grip remains firm and will never let me go.

Thank you for sharing this, @Katelyn. This is very important especially to what we are going through at this moment. Let us pray to the Lord everyday for guidance and strength. We are going to face more challenges but with our faith in Him and His love, we can go through anything. Let us continue believing in Him and letting Him control our life.

@Katelyn thank you Jesus for holding on to me, thank you for not giving up on me. everytime i dont know what to do and thinking things that is not under your way or umbrella you quickly snatch me out of it. thank you for protecting me and not letting me go.