Let it be me Lord


Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

The virtual world is one wherein,
Brokenness can really sink in.
We have come to this place in time,
People don’t talk to passersby,
Can we see the signs,
Or are we that blind
To the plague that infiltrates all mankind?
All of our words have been replaced By gifs, lols, and an emoji face.
It seems in our haste
To get a message across,
We forgot about what’s truly been lost.
I’m guilty, it’s true,
I’ve seen it all coming,
I said to God, “Lord, this is really not funny.”
Help us to find the words we lost on the way,
Help us regain the real-time talk of the day.
When people relate,
They’d try to convey,
Their thoughts and concerns
Face to face.
No looking at phones, iPads, and screens,
No virtual means, just human beings.
God help us strive to prioritize,
To take on the guise of one who tries.
Let it be me Lord,
I will begin,
By extending a hand, or kind words to all men.
I promise to look up and focus on people,
A heartfelt approach is really needful.
So next time you are out in our great big world,
Take your eyes off your phone,
Look out toward
All the different people’s faces,
That is where God’s love and grace lives.