Let the Conviction be for You

Let the conviction be for you. In our world today everyone has a bullhorn. Shouting from the rooftops opinions and ideas and convictions. I love discussion and opinions and debates, but motive behind these things should always be a desire for truth. Let the conviction be for you.

I see so much cruel banter on mostly meaningless topics but even with meaningful topics the banter is often utterly meaningless. When there’s a passion for a topic that cannot be held back from your bullhorn- let that conviction be for YOU. Let it convict YOU…from Gods conviction comes change, change that leads us toward Him.

Our God is a personal God and He convicts us personally, one on one the still small voice that cuts bone from marrow and calls us in to action and change is for the individual. The created and the creator in communication about what needs to change, what part of the flesh needs to be chastised in order for His will to be done.

When we are convicted the flesh is offended every time. Fighting, reeling, squirming, excusing, blaming, projecting, preaching, the list goes on. But, the conviction is for you. God doesn’t convict us to convict others. God convicts us, and then orders us to love.

So the next time we feel conviction and our flesh prepares to pounce on another. Stop, refocus, breathe, that conviction is only for you. Acknowledge what the Lord is saying, ask Him what needs to change in you and immediately put into action love. We are called to love others. The conviction from Him is for you alone, let it grow you into love.