Let the waves of His love wash over you

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Let the waves of His love wash over you

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

Stand in the water and let the waves of His love wash over you.
Allow Him to immerse you and cleanse you from all the bondages of this life.
Bring all concerns and let them sail away with the tide of His redeeming love.
Let loose the clenched fists of anguish and pass it all over to Jesus.
The moment is now.
The burden bearer will trade you beauty for ashes and joy for your sorrows.
Just breathe and say “Jesus!”

Hi @Joel!
Amen to this. Let us lift everything up to the Lord and let Him control us.
We are His and we should follow Him. Everything we have is from Him and we should thank Him. Even though we are going through some tough times, we will get through it and we will eventually receive more beautiful blessings. If we follow His path, we will be able to inspire more people to do good.