Life begins with knowing Jesus

This is very true @Jenny. Before I finally submit to God, I’m just an ordinary normal girl who just do whatever she wants and doesn’t care about anything and anyone around her. Until life happens. Life becomes rough, hard and full of struggles. There, I met God. He found me. He saved me from everything that meant to tear me apart. He’s the reason why I am here, still standing, still surviving. He is my strength and he changed my life for the better. When I finally surrender and decided to follow his words, everything seems at peace. I know there will be a lot more struggles I would face along the way, but I am not afraid because God is always with me.

I agree @Jenny, but sometimes it’s more of, “Life begins when we let Jesus into our hearts”. All of us knows who Jesus is but not all allow Him to enter their hearts for correction and guidance. Life is different when we let Him be in total control of everything. We cannot be fruitful alone, we need God to blossom into the person He created us to be.

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I agree with @kbadum Thank you. I praise God because at this moment He help me to ease the worries I had in my mind and my heart. I thank Him because every time I fall apart, He gives me hope and a chance to live again with hope and I found a salvation from Him. In my Heart I know Jesus but this past few days I was at struggle which leads to a dark place.

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Indeed this is so true, knowing our purpose and why we were created in the first place gives a whole new meaning of what life is all about. The time when we opened our doors for our savior Jesus Christ we started a new life, but we can also say that when Jesus came into our life, we found life. Our eyes were opened towards the purpose of serving our God and why we were created, that is to worship the one true God. But for me it should not stop in just knowing Jesus, instead we should strive to have an intimate relationship with Him.