Look Down to No One

Poem by Simon Icke UK

It’s dangerous to generalise

and say ‘they are all no good’.

Different gifts and talents are needed,

I’m sure that’s understood.

Do you feel superior?

or is it really fear?

Put away your prejudice

and your bigoted idea.

You’re equal to the next person,

no better or no worse.

Try saying something positive,

instead of the usual curse.

Everyone’s a child of God,

everyone’s unique,

So let’s look down to no one

and offer friendship when we meet.

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Upon reading this poem from Simon, I remember this quote
“Never look down on anyone because of their present situation. Sometimes the people you look down on today will be the ones you look up to tomorrow. When things are fine with you, don’t treat others like they are insignificant. A person who is down today can climb up triumphantly over adversities tomorrow. No one can predict the future… only God knows what tomorrow holds.”

So the next time someone seems to cast a judgmental eye on the choices you’ve made, remember that their judgment may be more about them than about you…let them be…Maybe they’re facing stressors you’re unaware of, and just trying their best to cope…:wink:

We are all equal in God’s eyes. People should not think less of others because of what they achieved or what they have. We are capable of doing anything we want in life. We just need that push and support from your loved ones, and confidence in ourselves. God blessed us with gifts and talents that we can share and teach to others. The things we are blessed with shouldn’t be boasted, but it should be an inspiration or motivation for others so that they can strive more in becoming successful someday. Don’t mind the people judging you. They are just jealous! People throw hate because they can’t get something you have. This is a negative mindset because they should have just supported you in what you can do. Let us all treat others equally because God wants us to help others and not just ourselves.