Lord PLEASE take the taste of cigarettes from my mouth

Lord PLEASE take the taste of cigarettes from my mouth. Heal me O Lord!, Be my stength O Lord. Please Help me Lord. It is in JESUS name I pray AMEN

Matthew Jones

If you are a christian put your cigarette money in the offering plate and ask God to deliver you

Valerie Craig

Smoking doesn’t mean your not a Christian.

Tim Penick

It took me ten years to finally quit those nasty ciggertts there nasty and all they do for you is kill you. In Jesus name I ask you lord to give him the strength to throw that habit out of his life. Thank you JESUS. Replace your habit with butterscotch candy or put a cig in your mouth and don’t light it.God bless you for quitting When the cig you put in your mouth gets to bad to have in your mouth replace it it works

Delia Hayley

He will. God took my cigarettes from me. Praise the Lord.

Cheryl Meade

As a ex Smoker brother , I know how hard it is is to give them up . Just keep on trusting in Jesus Christ & remember his grace is sufficient when you do fall . Keep going & keep trying .You life will reap the rewards & benefits of better health & financial rewards for giving them up .I pray Lord Jesus that you give my brother Matthew the strength & power to get of the cigarettes in your name Lord Jesus Christ Amen

Kelvin Madden

2 Timothy 1:9-For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self control(sound mind). This is a promise from God. Cling to it and and He will give you the victory. Jesus has delivered me from the spirit of addiction and He will deliver you too in Jesus’ name Amen

Arna Kindig

Sorry but he’s too busy ignoring third world starvation, massive forest fires,huge floods and children with cancer to worry about you giving up smoking.

Mark Walding