Love is all I have will you love as you love yourself?

All I can say is I have love to you all the same with all my heart, Galilee of the Gentiles will be honoured in those days, all the warriors clothes and boots used for war will be destined to be burned in the fire. They will train for war no more, for things of old will pass and new world is born. The government will be placed upon his shoulders he should be know as the Lord our Righteousness, Prince of peace, Everlasting Father. He will reingn on David’s thrown from that time on, I will save all of Abraham’s seed those who are by the blood of my Christ. They will wash their robes white in the blood of Christ and make them white. There will be multitudes and multitudes from all nations and language’s wearing white robes in the end. I will give them lifespans as long as the trees, it won’t take long for sickness to go and none will miscarry or be barren. This is just a few blessings but there are many more so good in fact that it is hard to believe just how good the Love of God is to us. I knock who will open I come bearing the testimony of Jesus Christ and his God and father open and I will deliver you to eternal life and save you from the wrath and fire of God.