Man Slept in Freezing Weather and Waited for 4 Hours to Attend Asbury Revival Service. Here's Why

As many of you know, I am at the Asbury Revival in Kentucky. Last night, I slept in my car in 30° weather and snow, and this morning waited in line for 4 hours in the freezing weather to be in the service. I’ve noticed a few people criticizing those who make the drive to be here and I want to speak to it. I stood in line next to somebody who drove 13 hours to be here. He was a Pastor. I stood next to another man who traveled from Orlando. There were people there from Brazil and just about every other state there.

Now some people throw out, “You wouldn’t have to travel if you had personal revival”. I totally understand that not everybody is able to make the trip and that is okay. And I agree that personal revival is a necessity. We can have it. Here is the issue: Most Christians DON’T. Most Christians are content with not ever picking up their Bible, rarely go to Church, they bash other Christians, rarely witness, and live mediocre at best Christian lives. I’ve been there. We all have.

Now let’s look at Asbury. 9 days ago, a few college kids stayed behind to pray after chapel ended. And because of their obedience, God showed up in a mighty way. Fast forward to today and THOUSANDS of people from all over the world are flooding this little town. Why? Because God is moving. You want to know the main conversations I heard today from people who went? They were hungry for God. They weren’t experiencing God in a corporate setting in their local church. They had personal prayer lives. But they LONGED to be in a room with other like minded people who were hungry for Jesus. And let me tell you this: Being in that auditorium today with 1600 people seeking Jesus was absolutely breathtaking. There was ZERO HYPE. It was raw presence. There was no “God’s man of power for the hour,” there was no outstanding musicians or eloquent preachers. BUT Jesus was the main attraction.

We live in a world today where we can go to the movies and spend money, waste time, and nobody says a word. We can watch hours of sports and nobody say a word. We can take vacations because “we want the experience” and nobody says a word.

BUT, when people from All OVER THE WORLD get excited about exalting Jesus and they rearrange their schedules and give up things to drive where Jesus ALONE is being exalted, we quickly want to criticize.

We pray for Revival, yet when God doesn’t do it where we are, we point a finger at people who go where it is.

I’m convinced one of the clearest signs that we don’t have personal revival is we haven’t learned to celebrate other people’s hunger for the things of God. Instead of celebrating what God is doing, instead we find fault.

In that room today, I sat next to a man in his 70s on my right and a man in his 30s on my left. I witnessed people from every background and every language, come together with ONE AGENDA: Lift Jesus high.

I witnessed prayer, repentance, the Word of God, healings, deliverance, and salvations.
Are these things I’ve witnessed myself before? Absolutely! But it still causes my Spirit to leap. There is STILL HOPE FOR AMERICA!


We may need to throw down our stones and pick up the Word of God. He is doing a new thing. And you best believe I’m going to support it and believe in it, whether it happens at my church or not.
“…At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians‬ ‭2‬:‭10‬-‭11‬

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“There’s no point in going, you can have the same experience at home”

“You’re just chasing what everyone is posting about”

“The second you get there it will be over”

“Why do you think you are worthy enough to receive anything if you go?”

“You know Jesus isn’t confined to a building, right?”

All thoughts I was getting before deciding to drive the almost 2 hours to Asbury University. But I got all my kids off to school and decided I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day with my first love. Then my ‘thoughts’ changed drastically.

“Why are you putting makeup on to come see me?”

I got in the car and plugged the address in, and drove almost 2 hours. The second I got to the campus I could see people flooding into Hughes Memorial Auditorium. I found a parking spot and joined the others, walking with intensity to get into the building. Since I was by myself I just found a space in the balcony.

3 hours. 3 hours I worshipped with hundreds of people from all over the United States just as hungry to experience the revival. People were flooding to the alter, not because there was an alter call, but because Jesus was calling them to repentance. There was no ‘prayer team’, so they were praying for each other.

The worship was incredible- flowing with the Holy Spirit. There was no ‘worship team’ either, just a piano and a single person leading, or a guitar being played. Sometimes the person ‘leading’ had to keep up with the people singing, and yet they never got frustrated.

There were kids in pajamas, there were people with gang tattoos but totally sold out for Jesus worshipping and praying for others. At one point, someone started wailing at the alter and people flooded around them to pray. There was a man from the University at one point who went to the mic and admitted he was very cautious about calling it a revival because it’s not over yet and he doesn’t think it’s going to end for a long time.

As I was worshipping (for 3 hours), eyes closed and hands raised, I couldn’t even tell you what songs we sang. There were no words on a screen to follow along to. There was no bulletin. Just singing my love to Jesus on Valentine’s Day. It was so crazy because no one cared about how they sounded because we were all there for the same purpose. The person standing behind me was a bit tone deaf, the person to my right was belting in vibrato. And just when I thought I was singing the ‘best’, it happened. The Spirit of the Lord fell so thick and overcame me and my voice cracked- LOUDLY and it was so humbling but again, no one cared. I stood there with arms stretched to my creator, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. With tears streaming down my face, I felt as though I was taken up into His arms. I wasn’t sleeping, but I definitely wasn’t aware of what was going on around me. I almost fell over once but caught myself and was right back to being in His arms.

I didn’t want to leave- ever. If I could stay in that place of just sweet surrender, forever, I would. I can only hope this is what heaven will be like.

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The loudest prayer never spoken!

Yesterday when I was kneeling at the altar at the #asburyrevival2023 I had a man come up to me and lay his hand on my shoulder. It was a gentle hand, a loving hand. The man never spoke, never said anything, but I felt his love and care. He stayed with me for a while, and eventually I grabbed his hand to let him know I appreciated his powerful prayer even though I never heard him. After another minute or two I looked up and gave him a hug and we embraced and he walked away. We never spoke to each other, but I knew he cared and was deeply praying for me.

This is what is going on with the #asburyrevival2023. Less noise, more power!

This great Revival is just getting started! Less talking, more praying, less noise, more power!

Credit: Niel Petersen

I woke up and saw something happening and it moves me.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to up and go and pursue interests. No football game could have pulled me 3.5 hours of driving and standing in line 3.5 hours of freezing temperatures.

This was something different.

I left a video below of my thoughts about it and how I feel like those who had a chance to watch it live all over the world on YouTube can feel the same energy as I felt in person.

I’m glad I went. Don’t get me wrong.

But what makes this one so powerful is you actually didn’t have to be there to still feel the movement that is happening with young people organically sustaining a relentless worship of Jesus. #asburyrevival #asburyrevival2023
Wilmore, Kentucky

Credit: Shonn Piersol

What an awesome night!! :fire:
So glad we got to witness this!
An international student was testifying on stage, and he mentioned about needing a job. He was so passionate about Jesus!
All of a sudden someone threw money down off the balcony to him. Then people jumped up out of their seats and rushed to give him money. There was thousands of dollars.
He was weeping and other leaders weeping! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:
Then the congregation erupted into shouting and applause :fire:
The video is towards the end of people giving money.

Long Post :rotating_light:

Yesterday at 11:46am I was sitting at work and Jay texted me & said he really wanted to go to Kentucky. My response was simply “:eyes::eyes::eyes:” because there was no way we wanted to go to Kentucky for the same reason I did but after texting a little more he definitely confirmed that his heart wanted to be at Asbury … and so did I! It was crazy to know that after viewing the videos all week long on social media, our minds were in the same place about “just wanting to get there.”

Although it was a far fetched idea in my mind, we agreed to hit the road immediately after work yesterday and make the 3 hour drive to be in worship!

Around about noon everything that could begin to happen in my mind and spirit did… I was getting discouraged and just wanted to stay home because I didn’t want to “ruin” what was going to take place and I didn’t want to do things like finding a babysitter but God dropped two scriptures in my heart and I’d say it was random but he had a reason! He ensured me that our unit NEEDED to be together in this moment. (Ecclesiastes 4:12 and Luke 18:16) … it was at that moment that I knew I needed to gather myself and my family and we would proceed on our journey to Asbury.

I wish I could explain what it felt like hearing worship take place before we even parked our car :sob:

While walking to the auditorium I truly wanted to run!! Standing in line waiting to get in in 30 degree weather at 10:00pm not one of us complained (not even Wes) he was wrapped in a blanket but stood in amazement just looking around and singing what songs he did know. At one point he stopped and asked me “are we supposed to be here” and I told him that God would ALWAYS have us right where he needed us to be when we need to be there…. He may not understand that now but it is my prayer that God always proves that in his life!

Finally getting to walk into the auditorium we were giving snacks and water but I put them away bc I just wanted to begin to engage in worship AND SO IT BEGAN!!!

I can remember looking over and seeing Wes and babe up singing, hands lifted and it meant so much to me… eventually Wes fell asleep and it’s almost like I heard God say “and when your children grow weary of worshiping I will allow them to rest in me” :sob::face_holding_back_tears:Beyond some fanciful idea in my mind of what “dropping everything to follow Christ WITH YOUR FAMILY” would look like, I knew that at that moment that’s exactly what this felt like and what it will always be.

Truly told myself that traveling and being in this moment sparked something in me that I truly didn’t need to drive 3 hours to realize BUT I’m so glad I did!!! When we arrived home around 5am Every moment had been worth while… I felt that ”the move of God” had followed me home and more importantly I pray it remains in my heart for the remainder of my days. It’s not enough to call this encounter a “revival” May what I experienced in Kentucky be what fuels me in this next season of my life to be the best representative of Christ that I can possibly be. May I in my own right lead those that God has placed around me directly to Christ in word and deed and when I am weary may he lift me up and assist me to walk upright until his return because he is TRULY sure to come soon and I just want to be apart of ensuring that we’re ready! :crossed_fingers:t6:


Credit: Whitney Andrews

Asbury Revival Testimony: It looked when the angels went to “stir” the pool of Bethesda at a designated time

If you haven’t heard Asbury University has been in revival. It’s not an “ongoing worship service." It started out like that but someone leading their regular worship sensed that God wanted to do more, they obeyed and it grew. What turned into just a worship service has been now an outpouring of the Holy Spirit last more than 10 days.

I want to briefly explain what this looks like spiritually. It looks the same way it looked when the angels went to “stir” the pool of Bethesda at a designated time. Those that were physically hurt had the chance to jump in and be healed. What this is a portal from earth to heaven. There’s an entry point. A door way. We see this with Jacob in Genesis when he has the dream of angels ascending and descending.

Historically Asbury has a history of outpourings. The school was founded on the backs of revival so this is nothing new to them. It’s already embedded in the walls, in the land and in the foundation of the school. There’s an opening. An entry point. A door way.

Two friends and I decided to go spur of the moment yesterday evening. It wasn’t to join the hype. But rather to “jump in water”. It’s been an ongoing prayer, intercession wise that we would encounter God in massive ways all over the country and world, that he would pour out his spirit, strongly and that people would be saved, healed and set free. Could this be that? Yesterday morning in prayer, I had this burning desire to go and sent out a group text and everyone had been feeling the same sense of urgency.

By the time we were about 40 minutes out, you could feel the shift in the atmosphere. It was almost like a peace that passed my understanding. You could feel the tangible presence of God, in the region. You can feel the expectancy. When we arrived, there were cars parked everywhere. Buses, church vans, cars with different license plates from around the country.

Walking on campus, it was thousands of people. The line to get into Hughes chapel was a half mile long. But there were other smaller chapels, churches on campus and on the lawn streaming the same thing. We ended up in a smaller chapel with a seat and just as packed and impactful. But we were prepared to be outside, if need be.

I didn’t want any thing else but to be on one accord with a body of believers in one space. Corporate agreement. Corporate worship is different that just you at home and even at your local church. There were no agendas. No celebrities. No offerings. No theatrics. No timelines. Just God and people who are hungry. Souls, hungry. Every hour or so, there’s a word preached, powerful testimonies shared and prayer.

When I say, Gen Z is carrying this! They are carrying this! Whew!! Their sensitivity. Their heart for God. It’s just different.

I don’t have the words to capture what happened in me, I’m still floating. I know I’ll never be the same. I laid everything down. Every fear, every doubt, my work, my school… this young lady prayed for me and prayed heaven down. Them alter works are trained!!!

Some of us just want a deeper relationship with God… some of us just want more. Some of us just want different. We aren’t satisfied with the norm or the status quo or checking the boxes that make you a “good Christian.” There’s more!

People from across the world were there. Ireland, I read- Norway, Ecuador, Germany, the UK and more. Yesterday over 20,000 people. All I pray is that what’s on me now is contagious! I pray that things like this are normalized across the world and in the body of the church and we come away from doing “normal dry church that’s only emotion lead.” There’s so much more.

There isn’t any safety issues in the natural sheriffs and troopers are on post. In the spirit the heavenly host are most definitely on post. The safest place to be is where the spirit of the Lord is!

If you’re a Christian with a negative, critical and self righteous point of view concerning this, I suggest you keep your mouth off of it. Especially if you haven’t been there. It’s dangerous to speak against the things of God. We really do miss it sometimes, trying to be right! Smh. When all we have to do is be open.

If you wanna see this in your community in your space then you start it! Sit in the presence of God until it catches fire and starts something!

I’m 10000000000% sure that this just isn’t an event, but the beginning of something beautiful in this time in history! I’m grateful to see it!

Credit: Najah J. Johnson

Asbury Revival…

While at the altar last night at Asbury University, I heard the tears of revival as many weeped around me. After crying out, I looked down on the floor to find this undone, bobby pin, and I felt the spirit of the Lord saying it’s time to come undone at the altar again.

It’s time to undo all our self seeking idolatrous ways. It’s time to undo our traditional mindsets that keep us locked up. It’s time to undo our heart before him again. It’s time to become undone before Him and surrender all!

God is moving across America!This is a HOLY VISITATION!

This is a renewal and refreshing!

America Shall Be SAVED!

Credit: Rachel Ross


I don’t have any words to add that haven’t already been said about Asbury. It’s all of those things, and more. But I do have a moment I can share. This was one of the biggest moments that stood out to me in our 9.5 hours on campus.

Standing on the lawn, watching the service inside and gen Z was sharing testimonies. One girl shared that she struggled with depression. The leader holding the mic, in the most GENTLE, calm way ever said: I just wonder- if maybe anyone else out there struggles with suicidal ideation and depression? And I wonder if they’d be willing to stand?

Allll across the church inside, and lawn outside, people stood up. Complete strangers from all over the world surrounded them, laid hands and prayed as the lady on the microphone (again, the calmest rebuke of the spirit of death I’ve ever seen) prayed and replaced death with life, and mourning with joy. No one got loud (not even me, can you believe it? :joy:)

everyone just cried and prayed and there was such a heart shattering brokenness, love and peace that swept over everyone. Jesus is near the broken-hearted, his desire is to bring life, and Gen Z WILL NO LONGER be a generation of suicide and depression.

Credit: Shiloh Everidge