Many think the PASTOR is playing and needs a real JOB

"The lawyer is working,
The lecturer is working,
The journalist is working,
The Doctor is Working
The Pharmacist is Working
The Pilot is Working
But many think the PASTOR is playing and needs a real JOB.

You think everyone else in every other profession is really busy, but when it’s a pastor, you say ‘go and look for a job’.
Well done!

We applaud professions that don’t offer real value to people but think less of those who do.

Footballers earn far more than doctors,
Comedians earn far more than teachers,
Most Pastors earn very little or nothing.
And you think that’s fine?

How has Messi helped your life or given you a new hope for living?

How has Basketmouth saved your marriage or helped deliver you from addiction?

But pastors are involved daily, bearing the brunts of helping people live a better life and yet when we see them own few things we behave as though they don’t deserve anything.

In case you don’t know, being a pastor is one of the most demanding and sacrificial work I know on earth.

I am a pastor. I have been a Pastor for years now.

I have been to police stations severally because of church members.
I have visited several hospitals and spent nights there awake because of church members.
I have travelled long distances, given up my belongings, attended to marriages at the verge of divorce, and conducted funerals all because of church members.

The last was a family who were barely 4 months in church had an accident and the woman and her baby died on the spot. When I got there, their whole family was crying to me, asking me in tears ‘pastor why?’

Who else is supposed to answer such a question? Its always the pastor. Yet in the midst of that, we bring courage and restore hope.

But when it comes to a pastor having money, people will frown and wag their tongue against it. And yet the economy is not different for pastors o!

Everyone else cries but when a pastor does, he has no faith.

Everyone can bring their problems to pastor but no one asks if pastor has eaten, he should tell it to God.

Everyone else can be forgiven when they make a mistake, but pastors’ mistakes are unforgivable. (‘And he calls himself a pastor’ is always the line)

Everyone can be rich but not pastors, else the society will begin to talk.

You will read headlines, “members are poor but pastor is rich” but you won’t ever hear of or read when “members are rich and their pastor is poor”.

You think it doesn’t happen?

I have seen a church where many members have big cars but they all drive home without anyone offering to drop pastor and his family home first, not to talk of buying him a car.

Do you know that majority of pastors are actually struggling financially, taking multiple jobs and even menial ones to survive?

But they won’t tell you, especially the ones who probably deserve it more.

See let me tell you, if you see a pastor doing different jobs while in ministry, let your heart be moved favourably toward them and treat them honourably especially your pastor.

They’re sacrificing a lot.

Instead of you quoting scriptures to teach that pastors should work (as if pastoring is not hard work), it should be your desire to be able to care for them to the point where they won’t have to do other jobs to survive.

Don’t join the bandwagons of those who dislike pastors and do all they can to defame them

God bless every Pastor in the house.

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@faithpixel: I agree! Pastor’s job is not really easy. So everytime we see one we should thank them because they rarely hears “thank you.” We must also trust them because they are leading us the best they can as they follow Jesus. Let us give them the benefit of the doubt. And lastly, we must pray for them too…

Thanks to this wonderful word. When i read this I remember the Pastor that share the Gospel to me I thank him because God use him as a instrument to me so I know God as my personal savior I thank God for that pastor life I pray to God to continue to use him and so many life will change and know God and continue to bless him.

I always think and believe that being a pastor is hard. You will meet a lot of people in life, usually they struggle with their faith so they seek for help. With this you will need a lot of patience, and that is something that can be very challenging. Guiding people to a life closer to God can be very challenging. For me, having a pastor guide you closer to the Lord God is a blessing! Before I struggled with my faith when I tried to do it alone, but when I met a pastor and asked for help and advice, everything went smoothly and I was always guided.

@faithpixel I agree Pastor is one of the hardest Job in this world. Because they are all Spreading the Word of God. My Oldest Cousin on my Father side is a pastor. When i am in that province we have a bible study every Wednesday Night he is teaching the youth. He has so many topics. I can say that i learn how to pray because of Him. I adopt the Environment on that place. Until now he is leading that church community.

Having a pastoral job is not just a job it is a full time commitment. As compared to a secular job where you handling finances and taking care of the company business, being a pastor is more than that, you are handling people’s souls. It is not just a real job, it is one of the most important job. Even Jesus says so, when He told His disciples to come and join Him, He told them to be fishers of men. He told them that there is a much more serious job than being a fisherman. So when God calls someone to become a pastor He is calling them to commit to a job and work for Him. It is more real than real.

Hello there, dear @faithpixel
The article and the testimony of this pastor is an struggle that I find little to none familiarity… Here in my country the pastors are never see in that way and we all look for them. We understand their important role society and the church. I believe people will always talk because they succum to envy and greed, that’s one example of where the pastors have such a different life and work, they don’t let those feelings or sins control them, they don’t judge or think bad of others, even if those people do about him.
Every work has their part on society, you can’t say a pastor doesn’t work! If it’s one of the more demanding ones! Instead we should be much more grateful to them…
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero