Maybe my story can help someone. I was addicted to sugar for the first 20 years of my life…

Maybe my story can help someone. I was addicted to sugar for the first 20 years of my life… I was always craving more. Or guilty for eating too much. Or trying to figure out how to teach myself to eat less. Always feeling fat, never satisfied. Trying ever mind trick in the book to overcome my eating problem. Nothing worked. I eventually stopped eating and was dying, but still did not know how to eat. Recognizing my total insufficiency to save myself, I turned it all over to the Great Whomever Spirit. When I called out, a holy presence appeared to me and revealed himself as Christ. His Holy Spirit led me as soon as I surrendered all, and as I walked with him leading me moment by moment I found I was continually satisfied. That was 50 years ago, I have let this wonderful Holy Spirit lead me ever since that first day. I have peace with food. This Holy Spirit leading me taught me how to shop, giving my every inclination to him. And he taught me what to pull from the refrigerator or cupboard when I’m hungry. Ever since I surrendered my all to Christ’s Holy Spirit leading I easily came to an ideal weight and have weighed that or thereabouts, ever since…50 years…always fully satisfied with food. That is to the glory of God alone. No will power is involved. It is simply the continuous trust in the Lord and his ability to choose the right thing for me at any moment in time.

Marya Tyler

God is So Good! I’ve read and I believe that a lot of the food today is not what people think it is. I praise our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Almighty Father in Heaven for Loving us and giving us discernment. And you’re right, the Holy Spirit is what cha… See more

Mizuki Hisaka

ALL things are possible to HE who BELIEVES… Jesus Christ

Penny Hetrick