Meet your fears with Faith!


@Jenny in times like this, ( im jobless, bills keep on coming, need extra money for our savings) you cant avoid not to fear: as human, this is one of the burdens satan bless us, FEAR. but as a child of God, he teaches us to believe; whatever we do whatever we think , and whatever we believes in IS FAITH especially for the things that is unseen.

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In the midst of this crisis, may we always choose to trust God than to fear. May we always choose to follow God and avoid temptation by Satan. May we always believe that better days are coming rather than lose hope. May we always find joy even in tough times like this. May we always remember that everything is temporary and we should not be afraid of tomorrow because God’s plans are always better than we think. God is in control, be patient and keep the faith.

Hello, dear @Jenny
This is such a good advice… We all have fears and preoccupations, it’s part of human nature. But luckily we have a Father that’s on our side, that’s always loving and taking care of us… We just need to trust him, and face what we fear with faith, and figure, we’ll be victorious.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

This is very timely. We live in times of uncertainty and our fears about it may be reasonable, but our God is stronger. He is in control of everything. May we all be reminded that when we face fear, that is when we strengthen our faith.

Amen to this, @Jenny.
We are all going through a tough time at the moment but we should not forget about what the Lord can do to help us. Let us remember that once you reach out to the Lord, He will give you strength and courage to face each and every day the best you can. God’s grace will make us stronger and we will be able to go through everything with ease. Remember to continue believing in Him and spreading His goodness.