More Than Anything

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More Than Anything

Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship - More Than Anything (Official Live Video)

(Feat. Olivia Calderwood & Corey Voss)

Maker of Heaven
You stepped into time
To render salvation
You gave Your life for mine

King of all glory
Surrendered Your throne
To rescue this sinner
And make this heart Your home

You are the Lover of my soul
You hold me close, You won’t let go
All of my praise, My every song
Lord You are worthy of it all

Father of Healing
Spirit of Hope
Here in Your presence
Your mercy makes me whole

You don’t owe me anything
Still You give me everything
God I owe You everything
I want You more than anything

We are undeserving. There are times that we unconsciously turn our backs on God to try to handle our life alone but in spite of everything and every sin we did, he is still doing his job as our Father. He consistently calls us to let us know that he loves us and that he will keep loving us until the end.

You are everything to me, and I can’t stop thanking God for bringing you my way. It is a dream that you brought alive. I love you, endlessly.I place you above everything on earth. You mean the world to me, and I love you to the moon and back. All it takes is for you to wake up in the morning and allow me to take care of you.Of all tasks, life keeps subjecting me to, loving and cherishing you in my heart isn’t one of it. You are everything I need in life and more. Thank you for being the best. Since the day we met, it came to me that you are one thing that should be in my life. My world was feeling lonely, and a gorgeous hunk like you would be perfect to be my lover.Being without you is the toughest challenge ever. Coping with the day’s stress is heart-rendering, especially when you won’t be around to hug me tight. I need you now more than ever.All the sweet things you keep doing for me remains indelible in my heart. The more you elude your adorable charms, the more I realize I need you permanently, and the more my soul longs for you.I need you my sweetness because from that first day we spent time together, you swept me off my feet. I really can’t do anything but think about you all day and night. God is more than anything to me.

I can’t stress enough how blessed I am for having such a loving God! He never gave up on me. He helped me when no one was there. He listened when no one else did. He healed my heart and soul. I couldn’t be more thankful! :blush:
All of my praise, My every song, Lord You are worthy of it all