Most important thing you can share with your fellow believers and with the world is love

I am a little frustrated today and I will take that to the Lord and work that out with Him. BUT, I do want to point out a problem that has occurred to me twice with folks that I can assume are fellow believers in the Way of the Lord. I do not know their hearts and I can only base my words on their words and actions.
My frustration lies with what I see as pride and self righteousness disguised as teaching. Let me begin by stating that I know that none of us, including myself are perfect, however, we must be teachable. And sometimes that does mean admitting when we assume something based on our own agenda and we fail to listen to the Spirit.
And we are all guilty of it. We have our own little personal agenda or doctrine that has to be everyone else’s doctrine too. We can’t have a big umbrella where a lot of people can interpret the Bible a little different here and there BUT still agree on the fundamental concepts of God, Son, and Spirit and the unity of how salvation is achieved through His Plan. We all make mistakes. Sure, these aren’t huge mistakes that are leading us back into the gutters of sin BUT they are still mistakes that we can use to grow and learn.
I am trying to be teachable BUT I will not be a victim to someone else’s agenda to act like my study of the Word is inferior to their study. I will not be a victim of someone’s doctrine. I will not be a victim of someone’s own internal conflict.
I have enough of my own internal conflict to work through in this journey. I will not be taking on the problems other project on me. So, this is a lot to say about our heart and being teachable. And nothing in here is quoted scripture or all the crutches folks like to use to support their agendas. This is from my heart.
I think some of this is out of love and just not knowing how to craft a loving post. I think some of this is from being caught up in our own stuff. And I think some of this is on the way I read posts. So, I just ask that we do better at approaching folks with Christ’s love. I am a big boy and I am not going to shrink away from the conflict BUT someone else might curl up and leave. And I don’t think our goal is to throw people back into sin. That wasn’t what Christ was doing and it certainly isn’t what I am going to do.
So, please watch your heart and try to tame that wicked tongue even when it’s typed? And learn to admit that despite whatever you think qualifies you to give instruction or teaching, that the most important thing you can share with your fellow believers and with the world is love.
Shalom to your home. Shavua tov.

Ed Williams

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Well said

Mikesue Sullivan

Everything that you typed seems to me your personal agenda nothing biblical. All that I can perceive is pride.

Ricardo Itza