Movie Suggestion - UNPLANNED


Recently came across this movie - Unplanned. I haven’t watched it yet but came across a lot of promotional material about the movie. Since I am reading many abortion related articles recently the movie interested me.

The movie is based on a real life story of Abby Johnson, an abortion activist, who was once a part of Planned Parenthood Clinic and later abandoned her job after going through the struggle of abortion herself and became an abortion activist to fight against it.

When one is far from experiencing certain things in life (in this movie abortion), they totally have a complete different view. But once it becomes personal - its quiet a different story. The perspective changes. Bold enough are those who accept their past mistakes and march bravely cutting the past along and moving forward with pain with a determination that they will never turn back.

Have you watched unplanned or planning to? Do post your comments and reflections!

My son saw it, he and his girlfriend. He said I should make every attempt to get a copy of it (I’m housebound so cannot see it in a theater.) He said it completely changed his mind. He used to be pro-choice. Now he’s pro-life. Because of this movie.

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