Muslim girl faces persecution from family after embracing Christianity

Muslim girl faces persecution from family after embracing Christianity

“At first, I was a stubborn girl,” she said. “I used to go out with my friends, I used to club, I used to take shisha [smoke], I used to take alcohol… but I had a friend.”

That friend, she said, was a Christian who would visit her alongside an evangelism team. When she saw them coming, she would run. She didn’t want the gospel.

But what changed when she fell sick, Peace FM reported. She decided to attend church with her friend.

“When we went he prayed for me and when I came home I was feeling well,” Seidu said.

Islam, she said, wasn’t meeting her spiritual needs. She doesn’t want to return.

“I can’t just be there like that,” she said of Muslim prayers.

Her father, though, says he’s “ready to go to jail” to bring her back to Islam.

Ultimately only Jesus can fill anyone’s deepest spiritual needs. Glad this girl found Jesus and more interesting is that she has decided to stand for her faith though it means death from her own family.

Jesus words are true when he says

11 I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. 12 But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

in Matthew 8: 11-12.

New believers who accepts Jesus in countries where there is higher persecution display higher faith than Christians.


After the word “Christians” I would add “in Mainstream Christianity - in America, for example.” There are many other countries who have had “easy believism” exported from America, what’s worse, they have embraced it such as WoF and NAR movements.

You’re right, too. We (in America) won’t know for certain who really is a true Christian and who is not until the persecution in America heats up.

An American saying about this is “This is where the men are separated from the boys.” Another saying in American culture for this would be “This is where the rubber hits the road.” meaning the vehicle actually takes off instead of simply spinning it’s wheels in empty air. This seems to be the state of most mainstream Christianity in this country today.

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Thank you for those insights. If you don’t mind may I ask the denomination that you are affiliated with? @Sunami_Carpenter

Since I was housebound for years before I was saved, I have no way to become a part of a church, let alone a denomination.

I call myself a “Bible Believing Christian” as so many denominations are being corrupted by the “Prosperity Gospel” (which is a path to hell, not heaven) or Word of Faith movement (aka WoF) or New Apostolic Reformation (aka NAR) which is neither new, nor is it apostolic nor is it reformation! Mainstream churches, from Episcopalians to Methodists to Lutheran to Baptists and beyond have all be greatly corrupted by these false teachings.

Because of that, WERE I to have the ability and privilege to join a church, I would not choose according to a denomination. I would choose according to what Pastor will exegete the Bible, verse by verse, and feeds the congregation, or flock, with the Word of God as true as people can possibly understand it.

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Thank you for those insights. If you don’t mind may I ask the denomination that you are affiliated with? @Sunami_Carpenter