My belief is that we will never be completely free from sin in this life

My belief is that we will never be completely free from sin in this life. Although Jesus Christ came to live within us by His Spirit when we gave our lives to Him, our old sinful nature still resides within us, for we are not perfect and as long as we live it will keep trying to submit itself. But that must not keep us from pursuing perfection. To put it another way, that must not keep us from battling sin and embracing righteousness. God’s will is that we would become more and more like Christ, more like Him in our purity, our love, and our service. The Bible says, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). I believe someday we will enter God’s presence forever, and when we do, not even a hint of sin will remain. But until that day, my brothers and sisters, make it your goal to become more like Christ by refusing to let sin have its way, and pursuing instead that which is pure and good in the sight of God. I ask the Lord to forgive me of my sins every chance I get. – Romans 12:2

Ric Rodriquez

Sin is a choice, to choose it grieves Holy Spirit, to live in it separates us from God. To die in it punch a ticket to hell. Gods standards for His children here.

Ken McCormick

Agree. We will never be completely free from sin while on this earth, because we have not yet achieved perfection. Our old sinful nature always comes in the way. GOD hates sin because it is a violation of His very nature.1John 1:9 has this to say: " If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins, and purify us from all unrigteousness."When we openly acknowledge our sin, cry out for cleansing, GOd promises that He will hear us and forgive us.

Rose Austria

It’s actually backwards. Once the Messiah enters the desd spirit inside is replsced with His Spirit.The Flesh, sinful nature, still has its lust. When one walks by the flesh the one can fulfill the lust of the flesh. However, with the Soirit of Christ in a believer he can now Walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the Lust of the Flesh, the mortal body.When we receive our Resurrected Immortal Bodies we will not have this body of flesh and blood.

MajorVon Arney