My Grace is Sufficient for You

2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Hi @Jenny, I heard this news last night and when I’ve seen this I became sad and feel pity to a mother who’s waited 5days looking for a bus going to Bicol. She walked a miles from Cubao to Pasay in Manila to look for a bus Bus going to bicol but unfortunately she couldn’t find a bus. I realized how God really blessed me, besides I don’t have sufficient money but I can eat well everyday I see the grace of God for me is enough. As long as my family is okay-they have food to eat and they have shelter to sleep I am happy. I am thankful for the grace of the Lord.:pray:

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Yes, sometimes we forget how blessed we are each day. Every waking day, we are showered with blessings by God but we just can’t see it because for us, it is just another normal day. Be grateful! Do not wait for your blessings to slowly fade away for you to realize how blessed you were.

I have not seen this news @Bhert, thank you for sharing it. I really feel very bad for her.

I did my research and wow, Cubao to Pasay is 12km! I can’t imagine her struggle to walk that far only to find out that in the end, there was no bus.

I honestly cried when I watched that video @Bhert…it was trending in the Philippine news…We are indeed lucky because we are blessed financially, even if it is enough but we are thankful because we can eat three times a day… I honestly feel pity for I am a mom too, and feel worried about the family she had left…

Hi @kianna and @MakkaPakka. I’m sad because she has childrens and they are little. The husband of this mom left him and only her relatives take care of her childrens. Now that she died and it is stated in the news that the body of this mom will not be sent to bicol. It is so difficult to her childrens. I pray that her sons and daughters will continue their schools and their father will take of them. :pray:

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Oh really @Bhert? Why is it her body can’t be sent to their province? That’s too sad for the children she left…Hopefully the father of those children will take the responsibility of watching and supplying their needs or else the DSWD will gonna take over…I’ll pray for her soul…she’s eventually worried about her children for sure…:pensive:

That will really create a big trauma on the children :pensive: Growing up not having their parents with them plus not being able to see their mom when she passed away? I pray for them as they continue on in their lives. God bless them

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