My husband had Covid-19 twice this year and fractured his foot

Prayers please! My husband had Covid-19 twice this year and fractured his foot. He lost his job due to taking time off while he tested positive for Covid. My husband is well now and looking for work. He had an interview yesterday and is supposed to hear back today. Our eviction hearing is today. We sought help immediately when we knew we would not have the rent money. The agency we applied to for help assured us that they would pay what we owe, but now they aren’t returning our calls and things seemed to have stalled. I’m hoping the caseworker is just busy and things are still moving forward, but we have no idea what’s happening. I’m on disability, but I’m transitioning back to work. I have a new job lined up, and I’m just waiting for my background check to clear (2-3 weeks). We are really in a tight spot. We have bills coming due and now we also owe this month’s rent. We were able to move our car payment to the end of the loan to help us as we navigate through this difficult time. Please pray for our financial needs and that my husband and I can both start jobs very soon.

Sheila Curran

Me and my husband have just really prayed for you and you’re husbands job. Everything is going to be fine!. God is good and always faithful

Erica Avery

I pray that the Lord go before you and touch the hearts of the people who were going to evict you. May the grace of God be with you.

Regina Young

Praying for you

Mary Carson