My question is how does he get rid of these intrusive thoughts and does he have these thoughts because of what he said to Satan?

If somebody gave their life to the Lord but backslide for years. While they are still not living for the Lord, many of their family members have died. Then out of anger and sadness from mourning their loved ones they said (Satan I give you my soul.) They then started drinking and doing narcotics. However they didn’t do anything demonic. But then a few months later they became very afraid and sorry about what they said to Satan and cried out to Jesus for forgiveness. But everytime they try to pray or talk to the Lord they keep having intrusive evil thoughts.
My question is how does he get rid of these intrusive thoughts and does he have these thoughts because of what he said to Satan?
Thank you in advance and God bless.

Patricia E Doherty

As Jesus said on the Cross at Golgotha to His Mother “Woman behold your son!” and to Saint John the Apostle “This is your Mother!” What part of this do you not understand?? Protestantism was founded 1500 yrs after Christ formed His only Church, the one Only Catholic and Apostolic Church.Don’t follow Henry VIII and pick and choose what suits you.Blessed Mother pray for us!

Ian Rice

Joseph Michael Moore

There is only one unforgivable sin. The fact that you care is evidence that God is working on you. Intrusive thoughts are lies. Trust in God. He said he saves those who repent and believe. He does not lie. Trust what he says 100%. Let go of any doubt. You need to study the book of romans. It explains what happens when you put on the new self. Fight the good fight to the end.

Scott Kevin Rinehart

Any process with addiction is difficult to navigate. Therapy might help as well to see if he might have mental health issues (which can cause intrusive thoughts).

Gabby Blum

Today, you are not the same person you were yesterday, or the same person you will be tomorrow. Repent your transgressions, and have faith that Christ paid the price for all sin, past, present, and future.

Dave Macarthur

The Lord loves him that’s why he died on the cross for all of us and he knows us best he knows the pain and grief and he knows our weaknesses and he forgives when we call out his name Satan also knows his weakness he can just speak Jesus name and he will run because knows Jesus is son of God all he has to do is speak name of Jesus and he will run

Diane Roberts

Carry the person to church and speak to the pastor and get the church to pray for him !

Brian Pariag

Tony Sheppard this is a misunderstood text. The Father in Christ Jesus knows who is going to do what before the foundation of the world. He loves all and wants all to come to the knowledge of truth! At the same time He knows who will and who won’t. That’s what is meant by predestination.

Rene Brown

John L F Beam IV I agree.

Joseph Michael Moore

Total submission to God…praise Him always thru bad or good days it will manifest…trust the process…trust only God

Vivian Paradeza Farinas

God says in Ezekiel 18:4, “Behold, all souls are mine.”

Satan is a liar. All he has is a lie.
Satan wants us to think we can sell him our souls.
As if our souls are our own.

That’s a lie. We cannot sell our soul to the devil, because our souls do not belong to us.

Now, even saying to Satan, “I give you my soul” is demonic.
Any submission or obedience to the devil is yielding to be his slave.
Romans 6:16.
That said, every one of us has obeyed the devil in the past.
And none of us is beyond God’s redemptive power.

It sounds like this person is in a very intense spiritual battle.
Satan has deceived them in many ways.

I recommend this person begin playing audio of Hymns and/or the Bible being read, 24/7. Especially the Gospels. Jesus came to set the oppressed free. He still does it. But the person needs to create an atmosphere that gives no place to demonic thoughts.

Find a Spirit-filled pastor who will lay hands on him, and pray for him.
There is complete deliverance available. But for that to happen, the person must turn 100% toward God.

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My dear Ms. Lopez, The first thing is to understand that if anyone, whether they have ‘given their soul to Satan’ or any other egregious sin, If they turn to God through Jesus Christ and seek Him, then he/she will certainly will be found by Him. The Lord turns no one away who genuinely seeks Him.
Second, there are three sources of Evil. 1. Satan himself, 2. Other human beings, and 3. Yourself. Intrusive thoughts usually do not come from the first two, but from ourselves – what the Bible calls the “flesh,” the “old man,” the sinful nature we all inherited from Adam. Everyone, all men and women, are inflicted with this. Intrusive thoughts come from our own spiritual/mental weakness, and we will have to deal with them until we finally are in His Presence. However, with prayer and serious Bible study, these thoughts can be minimized and controlled. I wish you God’s richest blessings.

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