My realization about this pandemic

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My realization about this pandemic

Due to this pandemic…
■ traffic is gone and gas is affordable.
■ bills are extended.
■ kids are at home with their families.
■ parents are at home taking care of their children.
■ fast food replaced by home cooked meals.
■ hectic schedules are replaced with enough naps.
■ the air seems cleaner now, and the world is quieter.
■ people are now conscious about their hygiene and health again.
■ We now have time for each other
■ And lastly, we become more closer to God and more evidently praising him everyday of our lives.

Covid19 might be a reset button for us to live our life more meaningful than before. When this pandemic is over, let us all strengthen our spiritual relationship with God and thank him for giving as a chance to surpass this crisis. Keep safe everyone!

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Yes exactly. Sometimes the nature will create something that would benefits for both. But nature sometimes release the unexpected things to happen for us living things. That is why we should think before we act. We might get benefited from this pandemic but alot of lives we’re wasted. Keep praying. Be clean.

@zayn22: True! And it’s too heartbreaking to see those covid19 cases rising in number. Let’s just continue to pray not just for ourselves, to our frontliners but also to those whose love ones already departed. Keep safe!

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There were ups and downs that are happening because of this pandemic disease that has been terrorizing everyone. However, I can definitely see and feel a strengthened spirituality since this thing has happened, as for me, me and my family usually prayed together in church or do a devotion together once a month, but now we do this everyday, as we are battling in prayer for the safety of our loved ones and everyone. There is definitely a change in our lives right now.


It’s sad that some people would have to experience the gravity of a situation before starting to become conscious with their actions when active consciousness should have been part of our every day life. But at least it’s a lesson learned for each of us. May people be consistently compassionate with one another so we may overcome this crisis.

I agree with you @iona090…this is a really tough time not only for the governments but also to all of us. Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is to teach us every unusual things that we seldom ignore and forget… it is to be grateful and give thanks. May our spiritual relationship with God will grow more as we battle for this pandemic.

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@Apr: let’s just continue to pray to God coz I know he is listening to our plea. Keep safe!