My son Brandon Bates is going to basic training for the US Army in 3 days

I’m a nervous wreck as hes never been that far from family or on a plane. Please join me in prayer for his safe arrival and safety durring his enlistment. Thanks in Advance and God bless you all

Praying , I can fell fathers deep love.

Bless your family.

Lord God, be Brandon’s guide and companion as he undertake his trip. Bless his plans for this journey that he may see the beauty and adventure you place on his way. Send your angels to accompany him and keep him from all evil and all harm.

As he travel, may he rejoice in everyone that he shall meet and find your presence there even in his encounter with strangers. Bless him that he may remain serene and calm when he experience possible delays, disappointments, breakdowns and especialky troubles due to bad weather.

Let him trust in your loving providence and protection to bring him safely to the place of his destination. Amen.

Dear Lord God, another man is willing to sacrifice himself and willing to protect his country against all odds. Another hero in the making! Please, Lord God, guide Brandon Bates as he goes on his basic training for the US Army. Give him the strength and wisdom, Lord God. Be with him, always! :yellow_heart: