Name one thing that always make you happy

Name one thing that always make you happy

Read Bible, especially when I read Psalm, I like it very much. :heart_eyes:

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Feel very happy to have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

Listen to this wonderful song

Amen. I like it. I like prayer also. :grinning:

its a topic one year ago but let us bring this back to life! :star_struck: :star_struck:

There are lot of things that makes me Happy. but i will choose one for the sake of this topic.

As of now “To Solved this Pandemic Situation”. There are lots of people die to save others, Many looses their Jobs in equal with this many people are now experiencing hungriness.

Some prayer also :
Lord God Lead us to the solution or Vaccine to cure this Virus. Heal the World Lord God. We trust in you Lord.
Everybody says AMEN!

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AMEN! I am very happy and grateful for being alive. This is God’s gift to me and I will treasure every second of it. Our lives can be taken from us anytime, and with the pandemic, things have been very risky. So, waking u in the morning healthy and safe is something to be happy about.