Amen to this! Thank you for sharing, @Jenny.
Whenever we feel like we want to give up, remind yourself that God does not give up on you. Pray to Him when you feel down because He will lift you up. Remember that God will always be by your side even when you go through tough times. Pray to Him about everything because He will never stop listening to you.

Prayer is not just for emergencies or when we need a breakthrough.
PRAY. Not just when we are struggling, in doubt, or we are asking for miracles. Pray when we received what we asked for. Pray when we are happy and contented. Pray for forgiveness, healing and for everyone. God hears us even in silence. He knows what we need even before we ask. He never gets tired of hearing and answering our prayers even if we do not see it. Pray. Trust. Believe.

Hello, dear @Jenny
Yes! So much yes! So many people think of God as a genie, when he’s not that. He’s our father, as our father he won’t give us every selfish wish or new toy we want… He will give us what our hearts truly want, what we’ll make us happy! But he can only know what’s that, if we pray and keep praying! He’s always listening, he’s always caring, and he will always give back!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@Jenny indeed! LET US PRAY WITHOUT CEASING … we christians must not stop praying… if we stop praying, we seem to have stopped breathing as well. This is the only way we could communicate to God and say our thanksgiving, supplications and praises. God is always ready to listen. He is always there to give what is best for us.