Never Stop Trusting God

A old man was inside a train, he stood up and said to the passengers, “JESUS IS COMING SOON!” A woman then shouted, “Shut up, you don’t know anything and your Jesus doesn’t even exist.” The old man was embarrassed and sat down. But God kept putting on his heart to rise again, and keep talking about the coming of Jesus.

He obeyed the voice of God and stood up again saying, “Jesus is coming back, We need repent of our sins and accept Him today.” Then the woman who had shouted before rose with her child next to her in the seat, and attack the poor old man.

As she continued attacking the poor old man her child said to her. , “Stop hitting him mommy, he is a sent from God.” Then the woman fell to her knees and began to cry! The old man asked her, “Why are you crying?” The woman said: “My son was mute(dumb) and now he is talking!”

Moral of the story: no matter what you face in life never stop trusting God. GOD IS ALIVE!

Msizi Ntshingila

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Amen!!Great miracle!!
I also can feel the heart of God, no matter how His child want to reject Him, but He still loves us and helps us until the moment that we willing to open our heart to Him.

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Did you write (make up) this story to illustrate a point?