New Age Christianity: new and improved Version? Or Straight from the deceiver?

Interesting topic for discussion …New Age Christianity:
new and improved Version? Or Straight from the deceiver?

Alexis Rochon

Give examples.

Kathy Logue

By ‘New Age’ are you referring to Mormons?

Alan Webb

Unless you define new and old age, people may not understand.I’m my own experience, the old preachers and congregation taught a lot of principles and doctrines, they put these doctrines there in order to allow people follow the word of God, but as times passed, some people took such doctrines as though it is the word of God but it is not. These things caused a lot of confusion not to now talk of the assumptious life. When they don’t understand something about God, instead of them to be honest about it, they either try to give you some arbitrary explanations or simply say there is no need to understand God that much, just believe. They frown against many professions like working in the brewery,hotels, political field and even law, because they believe it is a den of sinner who they are not to be equally yoked with .Now that is the ways of the old. It took me time to realize that it was the leading of the holy spirit that was missing.The New age however are group of faithfuls who are interested in the deep study of the word and the leading of the spirit of God.If you can’t prove it in the word, they don’t believe you, they will rather wait for the spirit of God to reveal it…and many more.theyAs much as there are differences, they both need each other. There are principles that kept the old people going, they may not be prefect but they are experienced.The New age is with energy and impatience, the devil can easily exploit this part.All in all, we must pray for each other.

Ade Adegoke

Diane Schrader lol it’s not 2 different things, that’s what the devil would have us believe.

Anthony Tinnell

Mike Taylors Gnosticism is a branch of Christianity. Makes far more sense and answers far more questions in my opinion then anyother branch of Christianity.Justin Turk Gnosticism is not a branch of Christianity. It is an umbrella term that covers various early Christian era cults that produced a counterfeit pseudo-Christianity, and propagated forgeries as “sacred texts”. Not only were they condemned by the Christians, but also by the pagan philosophers. The Graeco-Egyptian Neoplatonist Plotinus, in his “Against The Gnostics”, showed how they were either altogether ignorant of Plato’s meaning of “Demiurgos”, or were intentionally obfuscating in order to deceive their prey.Mike Taylors Your right I was mistaken. Gnosticism is not a branch of Christianity. Most followers however are christian. All religions are cults. The Catholic church being one of the biggest cults in human history. Gnosticism however is not a cult and does not meet the definition of a cult.

Justin Turk

Christ’s character is more than sufficient for the current times. The most highly intellect can have a wicked heart, and vice versa.

Dave Lee Williams

Christopher Jewell agree!Theresa Napolitano

Theresa Napolitano

“Old age” understanding of the Christian faith is not perfect…No harm in new understanding if the Holy Spirit is your teacher…

Koshie Rachen

Anthony Tinnell huh?Alexis Rochon lol I got that backwards

Alexis Rochon

Sharon Kelly who’s the deceiver Honey?Jonathan Dylan satan don’t you know?Sharon Kelly oh that’s it!

Jonathan Dylan