:warning:Wash your heart with Christ’s blood (Ps73:1)
:warning: Keep a social distance from evil (Job 28:28)
:warning: Avoid the crowd of wickedness & wicked men (Ps1:1)
:warning: Cover your mind from being infected from the sneeze of sin & hatred (Lev19:17)
:warning: Do not shake hands with abomination (Deut25:16)
:warning: Do not hug hearsay & false teachings (2Pet2:1)
:warning:Be safe so that you will be saved (Jer17:14)
:warning: Sanitize your life with the word of God (Ps1:2)
:warning:In case you notice any symptoms of sin,call the helpline of Christ in PRAYER (Jer33:3)
:warning: Always remember to boost your Spiritual immunity with Faith & the Power of HOLY SPIRIT (Jude:20)



Nice One.
Can i borrow this one? for the purpose of sharing to my churchmate? i will do some credits as well.

Highlight for me is “Keep a social distance from evil (Job 28:28)”
Creative one .It is applicable in this time of pandemic, Lots of evil around their for them to survive in every day life.

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We should apply this New Lockdown Rules not just during this pandemic but also after the pandemic is over…This a very good reminder for us that we should boost our spiritual immunity and lay our trust in God and continually pray for God’s protection…

These rules should be our new normal. We have to be cautious about our actions. It is important to keep in mind the three last things in the list, that is to sanitize our lives with the word of God, to beware of symptoms of sin so that we can treat its early onset and to always boost our spiritual immunity with faith and the holy spirit through prayers. As long as we go back to these three, we will be able to do the other things naturally as well.

Hello, dear @faithpixel
Great!! I loved this post! This are some rules that we can and should applied all the time! Lockdown or not. This are the pretty good advices to fully live a Christian life how God intend for us. I will show this to my family and friends!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hello @faithpixel indeed! Thanks for this topic im agree with that every christian and children of God need to do this and practice it in everyday living because we dont know when or where God is coming. We are at the end times we should be ready and be alert. Mat 24: 44 Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

Oooh, I love this so much!! I salute you for having thought of this one. At times when everything seems to be a blur and nothing much is certain of what will happen, we really need God to guide and help us. I know a lot of people are scared and confused, I have seen my family struggling, I see people crying and are in pain as they lose the people they love. We need the Lord God more and more each day. We may not be certain with what is happening in the world, but one thing is for sure, we need God and He will save us all. Let us ask Him for help and do our parts, too. Teamwork with the Lord is the best!!