No one will ever love you more than Jesus

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There is no love stronger than divine love from the Creator of the Universe. There is nothing like Divine Therapy to heal your heart, spirit and soul. Nobody can love us like God loves us and I think that’s why we feel so unloved and unwanted. We yearn for God’s love but we don’t recognize Him. We try to get His love from people, and possessions and experiences but nothing measures up. So we’re constantly battling feelings of loneliness, unworthiness, and unlovability.

God’s love for us is boundless, nothing can separate us from it. People may fail to love us the way we want them to love us but God gives us more than what we can imagine. We will always be qualified to receive that love no matter what despite our imperfections and failures. Let us open our hearts and receive that love. Life will never be the same.

He loves you more than you could ever imagine. This message is a prophetic word, which means it was inspired by God Himself, through His Holy Spirit. This is possible thanks to the gift of prophecy, mentioned as the most important gift of the Spirit, given to Christians to encourage one another (1 Corinthians 14:1). Let these comforting words from the heart of God touch your heart. Read them more than once and allow the Spirit of God to reveal to you the depth of the love of Jesus Christ

@Jenny this is so true. No one ever care and love me like Jesus. The mere fact that he gave up his on life for my sins is really amazing. John 15 :13 greater love hath no man than this that a man gave up his life for his friend Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love you never leave thank you for calling us a friend even we are not worthy.