Nothing is impossible for GOD

There is nothing hard for God to do. He works miracles even the midst of extreme impossible circumstances. impossible things can happen because nothing is impossible with God. God can do miracles as many as He wants because He is God. But God cannot do miracles to those who do not want to receive His miracles.
The same is true to a person who refuses to be born again. God cannot force somebody to accept Him as His Lord and Savior.

@Jenny: sometimes we are faced in a scenario wherein it is impossible for us to find a solution…it could be a health problem, a financial problem…etc… With God there is always hope, no matter how bad things look. Nothing is impossible with God. His power makes all things possible.

Hello @Jenny
Nothing is Impossible with God A promise from God may seem impossible when you look at your current situation. All the evidence in your life may point in the other direction. How do you remain faithful when all you see is doubt? The faithfulness of God is seen through reflection of personal experiences. Therefore, take the time and look back over the points in your life where you have seen the hand of God, and find encouragement through the testimony of others. The Bible is filled with real people who have experienced the miracles of God when facing the impossible.

Hello, dear @Jenny
This is what I think all the time when feeling down… Maybe there are things impossible for me, and that’s okay, each one has a path and a reason to live and exist. The only one who can make it all is God, so all we can do is pray and have faith. And just with that what we want will happen! Imagine how loving is our Father.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.