O God, we need your grace and mercy

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Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Great image, great message and great prayer. Especially in these days of uncertainty we must pray and a lot, only by doing it we can change on the heart and be better for ourselves and God, with his grace and mercy we can truly be happy, and only in that say we will be.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hello @FaithinGod Yes amen! there have been many times that I have come to place where God wanted to break through something in my life. Each of those times was difficult and I faced many challenges. Every single time, the enemy tried to discourage me and keep me from moving forward but God was faithful, and it was His grace that caused the breakthrough to happen.
Here is the thing about grace. It loves courage. God never forces you to do anything. He gives you choices and dares you to have the courage to trust Him. When you take that first step towards God, His grace comes rushing towards you and gives you the strength to continue to success. I have learned to trust God’s grace and each time I do, it grows stronger in my life.

Hi @FaithinGod. Thank you for sharing this. Our country really needs this right now. We are experiencing difficult situations regarding our government and we really pray that something good will happen. No matter how worried I am, I still pray to God that everything will be okay. I pray to Him everyday about what is happening and about how inhumane the news I read everyday is. I hope everything will soon be fine.
Let us pray to God and lift everything up to Him. Let us pray for every country experiencing difficult situations and ask for His grace and mercy. Let us pray to God so that He may shower us with His blessings and to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hello @FaithinGod Yes amen we need Grace and mercy from God! Both grace and mercy reveal the staggering, glorious, delightful character of God. In his mind-boggling mercy, he doesn’t give us what we deserve. Rather, he gave that to Jesus.In his outrageous, lavish grace, he gives us what we don’t deserve. He gives us the rewards earned by Jesus.

@FaithinGod im one of those people who also praying for God’s grace and mercy to be upon me. I am just relying In His grace and mercy Especially in the situation like this i know im out of control, Even im afraid, im distracted in Christ alone i place my whole trust and waiting for his responds

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