O LORD, I lift up my brothers and sisters to You this morning

O LORD, I lift up my brothers and sisters to You this morning. I don’t know what their needs are, I don’t know what battles they are fighting, I don’t know the decision that they are facing but You do. And You LORD can help each of them in their situations. Please give them wisdom and understanding so they are able to make good sound choices and grow from each circumstance. Glorify Yourself in each battle, each trial, each decision and help them to learn from it.
LORD please comfort those that have lost love ones for any reason. Help them to find strength in You and find peace in You as well. Fill their minds with only good memories and help them to find strength in it.
LORD I also lift up all those that are sick. Please heal them from the sickness and make them stronger when it is all over. Also be with the families because it can be as hard on the family when someone is sick. So please protect them as well and give them strength and good health.
LORD we all need You today, each for different reason to the most part but we all need Your love, mercy, forgiveness and grace. We need Your salvation that You design so help us all to trust in Jesus, our Saviour and our Lord. If our faith is on anything other than Jesus, we have missed the mark. So please help our faith and make sure it is on Jesus and nothing else.
Jesus name, Amen.

Steven-Michelle Richardson


Cynthia Stevenson


Terri Kargar

Yes Lord, show us the right path…make us wise and make our faith stronger… Amen

Ritu Ritu

Amen…yes Lord let our hearts and minds be fixed upon you with faith ,reverence,and adoration

Shannon Lloyd

Praying this message for family and friends

Bettye Smith