O LORD You are our refuge, our shield and strength

Ps. 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
Ps. 33:20 Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield. 21 For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name. 22 Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.
O LORD You are our refuge, our shield and strength. Send this nation a revival. Revivals do not come from man but are granted by You. Send us a revival and strengthen us for the battles to come. There are lost all around us that need to hear and see the gospel. You have given us the responsibility to share the gospel and to live the gospel before the world. I have failed You to many times. Please forgive me and help me to encourage someone today. Glorify Yourself in me however You see fit. Have mercy on us all, direct our steps in the way we should go. Cause us to thrist and hunger for righteousness and to seek Your face today.
Jesus name, Amen.

Steven Richardson

Amen we pray Lord

Mary Gavaghan


Dylsia Diaz

Nice but I don’t exactly think we are a Christian nation anymore so we need to accept that and go forward. Ethiopia 89% of the population says they are Christian

Mark Buchanan