On The Latest About He Gets Us

There have been plenty to be said by Christian commentators in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and within the last few days. The criticism of these ads are valid and should be of considerable concern to the Body of Christ.

However, these same commentators will also invoke Philippians 1:18 to try to find some relatable and relevant good over these ads. The irony is that it also hurts the valid criticisms made about He Gets Us and downplays the devestating effect of the masses being sold a lie about Jesus Christ and The Gospels. I speak from experience having been sold a lie about the Gospels, left to be an apostate skeptic, and then returned to solid ground of real biblical Christianity and teaching.

I would sooner risk a person walking away from the true presentation of the Gospels because they found the truth too hard to bear (see Matt 19:16-30) than to hope on some psudeo-reasoning that a person comes to Christ built on a lie which sets that person up for failure and later apostate when that version of Jesus doesn’t measure up to reality.