One day you will understand Why God closed that door and you will thank Him for it

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Thank you Jenny for this inspiration verse, this is very timely for my circumtances of today. I’ve been experience lack of confidence because of migraine. This verse told me to be more objective and another door blessing will be given to me. I become weak last night, when I see this word it gives me hope for the reasons of God for my battle. Pray for me to overcome those obstacles with faith and compassion to do my best.

We only realize this when it already happened, but during the time when God shuts that door on us the feeling is that the whole world is ending. How God works is really a puzzle for us His people, understanding the way He works is really near to impossible. But that is what God is looking from us, like being in pitch black darkness wherein we can’t see anything just extending one arm reaching out to Jesus. Whenever God shuts down a door and everything suddenly becomes dark, all we have to do is trust Him and He will show us the way.

Thank you for sharing this, @Jenny
We should always keep in mind that God works in mysterious ways. God does everything for a reason and for our sake. Every blessing we receive or every obstacle we face, God is behind it. We should remember that God has a plan for us. He will never hurt us. We need to trust and believe in Him at all costs. God will lead us to the light.

@Jenny thanks for this i remember something.
I remember my past Job back in 2016 if im not mistaken.
They ended up my contract After 4 months. I was so sad and keep blaming myself and asking “Did i do my best”?
But God answer me after 4 years he is preparing for a Big Opportunity. So indeed that One day we will understand why God Closed that Door"

This quote reminds me everything about the past scenarios in my life…God shuts the door because if he didn’t close doors, we wouldn’t know which ones to go through…so when you experience a closed door just remember that God is in control. He has a very good plan, and he will lead you through it. Sooner or later, He’ll open the right door for you. And when you go through that open door, you’ll give thanks for the ones He closed…just have patience and faith upon waiting too…:blush:

Amen to that @Jenny Maybe You might not see this now, but God has a purpose for the pain that you are going through. Everything you go through in life is leading you to something greater. It’s okay to ask God what His plan is, and to reveal His purpose for it. He might not answer right away, but through dealing with your circumstances you will begin to see light on the other side.

Hello @Jenny Yes indeed! Whatever happens in your life, no matter how troubling things might seem, do not enter the neighborhood of despair. Even when all doors remain closed, God will open up a new path only for you. Be thankful! and
Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because He’s trying to change your heart

Yep, everything happens and does not happen for a reason. God wants what is best for us. His ways may be hard to understand sometimes, but trust Him and everything will go well.

Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, I pray for you. I believe God is fighting for you and leading you to the better future.

Amen. Yes. I believe God is working for me and my circumstances even though I cannot understand what God is doing. However, I have faith that God loves me and He wants me to know Him deeply in my life through all the path He prepared.