Online community: we need it more than ever

Online community: we need it more than ever

Can you imagine life in quarantine without the internet? Can you imagine spending days in lockdown without talking to anyone online? You’d go nuts. We need to take part in an online community more than ever. I wish to know more people in this community and be inspired by you guys. Good day everyone


@eestioko: Life without internet nowadays is boring. I am glad that despite the lockdowns and quarantine, internet has been playing its part as a main way to communicate with our fellow churchmates, and to communicate here in our Faith Pixel community. Every Sunday here, a pastor in Baptist church goes live in facebook and zoom to preach the Gospel of the Lord. Same thru with the Catholic Church where we used to go, our priest does the Holy Mass live in facebook too. God really has a lot of ways for us to communicate with him. We are so lucky that despite of the temporary closure of all churches, the internet takes its part to spread the good news of the Lord. God bless everyone!

Its unimaginable because in this digital age being online means your alive. We can be alone yet be with someone just by being online. Even more when part of an online community because it is like being part of a family. You’ll be able to learn from each other, pour out what’s deep inside your thoughts. Agree or disagree on issues which are relevant on current situations. The most important thing about being part of an online community is that you’d be able to pray for one another. Share victories and defeats spiritually and at the same time learn from those victories and defeats from one another. This is all part of God’s perfect plan and perfect timing, this pandemic happened exactly on the time God wanted it to happen.

@eestioko it’s really good and a great source of power healing of God when we have this Online Group Praying Community via facebook or other social media it serves an extension of grace of the Lord to everybody. Just like a Prayer Warrior Online Community-being a servant of the Lord is a blessing which I wish to have for all over the years to be a blessing to everybody. :blush::pray:

In this difficult times like the corona virus outbreak it is understandable that internet nowadays is a basic necessity it is no longer a luxury… but i felt sad that not all have an access to the internet most especially to the far flung areas… so we who has internet access may used this as a channel to reach out to people by posting their needs and concerns … we can chat our colleagues to pray for them or if ever we can use internet to generate funds and soon provide a help for those in need.

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@eestioko perfect picture again. I remember my fathers side church in the province. Same setup and the church is simple but full of love by our GOD. I used to be there every Wednesday night for their bible study and some teachings. Im a proud catholic but i can say that born again religion helps me how to pray before we eat, before i sleep and before the morning start.I know its out of your topic but i love remembering my childhood in that church i miss their small gatherings and teachings.

Hello, dear @eestioko
That’s very true sir!! I don’t like how people on these times are on the phone so much but at the same time, because of the lock down and how it suddenly and fast occurred you can see the treasure of them in our lives. Is the way of socializing of now, and the way on which we can connect to other people, even the sick ones and the older ones that are the risk population.
I myself found faith pixel during the quarantine, and has been a blessing. I thank God everyday for it.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

This community is by far my favorite! I really enjoy talking to you guys! I have conversed a little with @MakkaPakka and @Luis_Ruiz and even if I do not know them personally, the connection is good. I am a teenage girl trying to strengthen my bond with the Lord God. And this community has been more than helpful! I am so blessed! God bless you all!

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@bosch: True! As churches were closed, internet has been the temporary gateway for preaching. Although not everyone can access it, but at least it’s paved the way on helping people in need in this times of crisis. We are all in this crisis together, so we must help one another as much as we can and as long as we can. My salute also to those people who are blessed by God abundantly that extended help. As the saying goes “When God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living…Raise your standard of giving”. God bless everyone! :blush:

Hi there @kianna…I am touched with your comment :blush:…I/we will be always be here for you to give you an advice, and to guide you as much as we can…This online community really helps all of us to boost our relationship with God, even if we can’t virtually see each other at least we can feel the connection even if we live miles away. Hugs for you dear…Take care always!

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Indeed! I have never felt so connected my whole life with people I haven’t even seen yet hehe. This community is a blessing from the Lord God. God bless you and take care always!

Yes Life without internet is kinda boring. :joy:you’ll gone crazy without facebook, instagram, youtube. If really we could control ourselves from spending time on these things maybe we can realize it’s more fun to communicate over people than in the internet.

Internet is good nowadays especially during the quarantine. Many people are alone today because of travel bans and work. Internet is one way to get in touch with family and friends. It may also be a source of education and prayer through livestreams. God is amazing and He will always have a plan for us.