Our freedom in Christ is not freedom to do what we want

Reflection from [Jill Yap Damiao]

Slave of Righteousness

Before you were a Christian you were a slave, in bondage to sin. Even when you did not want to sin, you were unable to do otherwise (Rom. 7:15–24). When God saved you, He freed you from sin, but you remained a slave. Now, rather than being bound to sin, you are bound to righteousness. In every area of your life you are obligated to do what honors God.

Righteous living is not an option for a Christian. Nor is it something we must try to do over time. It is an obligation, mandatory for every child of God. Our freedom in Christ is not freedom to do what we want. It is freedom to live righteously, something we could not do when we were in bondage to sin. Now that we are free to live righteously, we must allow the Holy Spirit to produce in us a holy, sanctified life (1 John 3:7):pray:

Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Even though I digress in the part that we became slaves of our Father, because my conviction is that he’s a Father of Love, he gave us free will for a reason. But yes, he wants us to live in the righteousness… To be better Christians, persons, fathers and sons in all of the way possible. The sad things is that many people declare themselves as Christians but remain slaves of sin, only when we truly accept God and his salvation we will be free and start acting in a better way trough the path of righteousness.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

I remember what Paul wrote in Romans 7. It is one of my favorite testimonies of God’s people in the bible. It shows the inner struggle between doing what is right in the eyes of God versus his weakness as a human being. He admitted before God that he does what he doesn’t want to do, not because he wants to do it but because he is controlled by sin living in him. I admire him for that and I relate 100%. That is why, we have to be in complete surrender to God so that the evil doesn’t have a place to work in us.