Our responsibility to God

Reflection from Terry Masters

Brothers and sisters let us understand this. This book is not a book or magazine that you pick up and read into and your part of it like a magazine or a novel someone has written that’s part of this world.

This book is God it is righteous and holy it is truth. So when you start to read this book or study it and learn the Word of God don’t stand over it. Sit down or kneel down surrender to the Lord and read out of it not into it. When you do that and obey God’s Word and put your total Faith and and Trust in Him and His timing and leave everything to Him you don’t have to worry or fear anything in this world.

Always remember a church or ministry or a pastor doesn’t make you righteous and holy only God does their responsibility to God is to instruct from this book and our responsibility to God is to live by this book and to speak the truth of it.


In order to fully read the Bible, first and foremost we must know and understand God’s word in our minds. Reading it takes time and there are no shortcuts for it. As we started to flip each pages, we should understand well the scriptures and put what we learn in our heart, mind and medidate from it; so that we will be able to pass the lessons we learned along to others too.

Honestly im not reading the bible regularly. The time im only reading a bible when i have a bible study on our church. I have a little book , The book is for kids so they can understand what bible is. It has a pictures for them to understand and its like reading a story fairy tale so it will be more catchy. I Love reading this book because it summarize the bible stories. It help me to understand how God Loves the world through his disciples.

Hello, dear @faithpixel
I love this reflection, sometimes people (and some. Christians too) undersitmate the Bible and say things without thinking it too much. The Bible is a manual giving by God on how to live, how to serve him, how be truly happy! You can say any simplistic view of it, but that’s for childrens, not for a persona who already understands what needs to be done to be a good Christian and person. Only that way, we can really stop worrying by preoccupations of earth and appreciate the way to the heavens with our Father.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Just to share my own experience while reading God’s word. Upon reading a certain passage in the bible, surely you will get some insights on that passage. May it be a learning or it may be an eye opener which God wants us to realize. But what’s amazing is that when you read that same passage again after a while, you will realize this time that there will be a different revelation from God. Same exact passage, same exact words but different message. My point is this, the bible is not an ordinary book, it is a written word of God. Meaning this is where God communicates to His people ( we are His people). That’s why it is best to read the word of God when we have God in our hearts. If your heart is occupied with something else, you still read. It might not be the best time to read it, but it could be the best time for God to come and enter our hearts.

I love how the scriptures gives out different interpretations. God uses the bible to communicate to us. It is a representation of His love and an instruction how to live our lives. It gives light, no matter how dark our life can be. As we put our trust and surrender our lives to God’s words, He will also use us to be an instrument of love to others. Let us answer this call. :slight_smile:

HELLO, ABOUT The title “our responsibility to GOD” - i just want to share sort of idea… a week after ECQ started in our province i was led by the Holy spirit to watch through the internet i dont know why? i admit that im not so fun of watching about the scriptures, im the type of person who love to watch popcorn movies, sometimes heavy drama most especially true stories or documentaries but while searching, i saw these picture from AOC network and try to watch it…i felt some goosebumps and its like my heart was open and filled with the holy spirit… i dont even know these AOC network. and ive realized now that our responsibility to GOD is to be the Ambasador of Christ … from the networks name “AOC” try to watch it.

about the bible since i was elementary i started reading the bible i began with john … but sad to say until know im not yet done with the whole book … but everytime i read this book i always feel goosebumps … it feels like everything is very clear like you are in the actual scenario of every story… love this book “BIBLE”

God’s part is to gave that manual to us so we can live for His glory and have a life that He design us to have. Life in abundance.

So our part is to read it and obey it.

When God says it, it settles on it.

And His word is can be found in the bible.