Parents didn't get help for starving baby. So terrible! Did you know other wrong faith?

Parents didn't get help for starving baby. So terrible! Did you know other wrong faith?

A Kent County couple charged in the starvation death of their 10-month-old daughter didn’t seek medical help partly for religious reasons, court records show. (Aug. 6, 2018)

Would you also just put the link separate please? When I click the video it turns to a stagnant black box. I found using the button that looks like an “8” falling to the right above where you type gives a place to put the link so it’s clickable and therefore watchable as well for all.

There are so many sad things about this. First, just the baby’s death due to the neglect, however misguided, of her parents.
Also, we have someone who is obviously Christian or trying to follow what the Bible says, and yet confused.

I cannot see these two as any more wicked than myself. I had abortions! They actually gave birth! I have not trusted doctors at all at various times due to doctor’s negligence! I am sorry this happened, this news story, but am even sorrier that the worldly news will use this to slam all Christians, all those who question the “authorities” even when they are wrong, such as Planned Parenthood, etc.

I hope that God will help the husband and wife both to sort out what is His will in a Bible while they spend their time in jail. This is obviously a shock to them. They seem as though they really thought they were doing right.

I just finished reading in 1 Samuel 13, where so much sin is going on in King David AND his household I can hardly determine the sin from the “good”. We are all so hopelessly sinful without God’s salvation, sanctification, and eventual glorification. None of us can stand before God without the blood of Our God and Savior to pay for our sins.

I’ll pray for this couple.


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