Parents protest against LGBT promotion

Parents protest against LGBT promotion

Two days after a California school board approved new curriculum that includes LGBT history, parents of more than 700 students kept their children home in protest.

The Rocklin School District Board OK’d the curriculum May 1 by a vote of 3-2, requiring students in kindergarten through fifth grades to learn about the contributions of key LGBT figures in history and social studies curriculum, according to the Sacramento Bee. Rocklin is about one-hour northeast of Sacramento.

Great response from parents I think in keeping the values during a time where the culture shift is radical and gives opportunity for values to be blown away along with the changing trends. There are always absolutes despite major changes in culture breaking of which will break our very self. Christians are called to be the salt in these times and show the way in keeping the absolutes for the rest of the world to follow. What do you guys think?


I think BRAVO to those parents! It was not lost on the school board I’m sure!

This whole trend is highly disturbing. Sexuality is something that grade school children do not need a bunch of information on. However, in junior high, it’s a good time to start introducing the “do this” and “these are the consequences” type instruction. Why then? Because that’s the earliest kids start through puberty and start having their own sexual urges. Instruction on human sexuality given to children who are no where near puberty is what I call child sexual abuse or as psychologists have called it “sexualization” of children. What they are saying is that sexuality is placed on those people who are not yet sexual and that is children.

Children need protection from predators of all kinds. Including these who want to brainwash our kids in public schools to “accept” all the perversions of human sexuality that people can come up with – and that is an almost endless list.