Please pray for me I don’t wanna go to hell

Please pray for me I don’t wanna go to hell but i know i have to go there cause I accidentally blasphemed the holy spirit cause I ignored him by playing a videogame and now I can’t feel anything. My heart is hard like a stone and I beg for mercy everything but there’s nothing Please help me.
I think if I didnt blaspheme then I did Hebrews 6 but it was an accident my pastor told me spend time with God and during that time I play videogames and now I’m stuck like this

Dillon Das

God love you and he will understand cause he knows your heart and know what is going to happen before you do so don’t be too hard on your self and allow god to come in to your heart ones more ,I pray that the spirit of the lord surround you and wash and cleans your heart you acknowledge that you made a mistake and god for give you in Jesus mighty name your release for the burden of not know if god is going to forgive you ,he already did ,have a peaceful mindset and be blessed god is always with you amen

Vivenne Brandforde

That’s not what that means if you ignored what the spirit is leading you to do then you did not blasphemy the Holy Spirit you just grieved the Holy Spirit please don’t be deceived by deceiving spirits making you believe this lie of you having to go to Hell because you ignored the Holy Spirit you’re just fine seek God in prayer tell him what’s going on in your heart ask for forgiveness I just wanted to clear that up that’s not blaspheming the Holy Spirit bro

Quadre Hamm

You are already forgiven, you did not blaspheme the Holy Spirit, but you quench or grief the Spirit, since you ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven.

Clement Igoga

You did not blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Your problem is that you just need to start working on your personal relationship with the Lord.If one blaspheme the Holy Spirit, God hardens their heart so they don’t even want forgiveness. They don’t even believe. If you even desire forgiveness, you have not committed the unforgivable sin.Start studying God’s Word. I am not against video games (depending on the subject matter of the game of course) but I believe you should spend more time with the Lord than the games.

Kenneth J. Schonmeier

Dillon Das you love the Lord, something you can only do when you have the Holy Spirit, follow Scripture… not your feels man

Raymond Holthuijsen

I believe the Lord says, “you are saved by faith alone through grace alone” This means you reach out by faith, and God gives you undeserved favor to overcome the chains. And everyone is gifted with a measure of faith, so you are able to speak to Him. I would suggest go into your prayer closet and earnestly wait for Him to speak. He will not deny you if you sincerely seek Him. We are praying for you!

Ting Chung

Who would be found worthy of eternity if that’s how we all view God?Please have a better image of your Creator He is very merciful, He is just, faithful, forgiving and truly very good.refusing to accept His assistance is what is unforgivable because of your free will, but as long as you repent, ask Him to guide you, you’re on the right path.

Shiata Shiru Michael