Please pray for me right now as I’m shaken up

Please pray for me right now as I’m shakin up, over a situation that I didn’t know was going to happen at all. I was on my way to work, walking outside of my apartment, and I’ve been driving around my parents SUV. Well, they have parking for the residents and tenants of my apartment building and the apartment parking lot, or they have street parking across the road from the apartment complex where I live. Well, to make a long story short, I’m a little shaken up right now so just bear with me if I make any typos or anything like that. Getting to the point of it all, I went out to start up the engine and take my things and put it in the passenger side and when I went around the other side of the SUV I noticed that someone smashed my parents front passenger side window with a bat or something similar or close to it. I’m very shaken up right now! I have anxiety, which is my disability and I take medication for it. I’m a lover, fighter, warrior, and soldier for peace and I’m going to have it period. The enemy is trying extra hard in his limited power that we give him and that God gives him, to steel, kill, and destroy our lives everyday. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are, or what you’ve been through, or what you’re going through, How strong of a Christian you are, How much of a sense of humor you can handle things with, it doesn’t matter how strong you are on the inside out, the fact of the matter is is that we need God and in every aspect of our lives. I think of the verse that says God takes with the enemy does for evil and he turns it to good or for good, and when you’re in the midst of a situation like this one, all you can think of is rage and hate and anger, and wanting to beat the crap out of the person that did this and basically I just shot off a post on Facebook that wasn’t so Christian and I don’t think I’m going to erase it because, I could have taken my parents SUV back to the shop to pick up my car, but I didn’t and they were afraid that by me parking it on the street, in downtown Asheville where I live, that someone was going to do something to it and I had that thought in the back burner of my mind but I ignored it and kept it on even past the time that I could have gotten my Honda out of the shop from being fixed and the brakes been repaired on it. I’m just as frustrated as they are about it and I didn’t want to tell them and I tried whatever I could to curve it or tell them that it wasn’t my fault, but it is in a way because I parked their SUV out there and there’s some weirdos out there especially at night, it’s like God taught me this lesson like he teaches all of us lessons every day of our lives. And it’s pretty darn clear that it was a test and God will take a lot of situations to teach us. It says in the word that loving wisdom and correction is good but despising and ignoring correction and humility and being humble and wisdom, if you ignore it and you think you’re above it and overly prideful, and high on your horse and above everyone else, then God just says that’s stupidity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He sometimes gives us the same challenges but in different ways until we get point and there’s suddenly a wake up call, and I’m just so pissed off right now and I need God’s comfort and peace and for him to just ease my mind and my racing thoughts right now. When things like this happen and it’s on me, then I take it pretty hard, I’m one of those kind of people that do and I didn’t mean for this to happen but I should have listened to my parents and park darn thing in the parking lot. I said to myself, I’m going to find out who the person is that did this and shove the bat or whatever they used down their throat because I wasn’t handling it in a Christian way at the time. When we’re in the midst of situations like that all we can think of is totally not being Christian and how God wants us to love everyone well I sure as heck didn’t care to love the person that did that to my parents windshield. I was driving to work, And the window could have fell apart inside and outside of the window as I was driving, by the grace of God it didn’t. Please pray for my nerves and my anxiety to go down and for us to figure out how we’re going to take care of it, even though it’s probably simple we could just get like auto star or whatever they’re called to fix the window. I’ve got insurance and so do my parents. As well as good liability. I wish they had cameras out there so we could find out who the jackass was that did that. I don’t think jackass is a bad word especially for the way I’m thinking and feeling right now. I’m just going to start parking my car inside the parking lot instead of outside on the street from here on out. If we don’t learn lessons, then we’re not human and that’s part of being human and that’s part of life, learning lessons every day and if we don’t get it, then we go through the same thing over and over until we finally wake up and get it. Also, please help me to forgive the person that did that to the window, every time I said windshield, what I meant to say was window It’s the front passenger side window. The windshield, and the other windows are fine thank God. I also don’t see any other damages to the SUV. Help us just to forgive this person and Lord I pray that you will deal with this person and that he or she won’t get away with it and that they will be punished according to your will and that I will forgive this person and so will my parents and that we can find a solution to not park out there anymore and Lord I just ask you to not let this person go without being punished and I just asked you to deal with this person whoever it is and in ways that I can’t. You want us to give you the things that are out of our hands and out of our control, and that’s what I’m doing now You don’t want us to not forgive people but you want us to forgive people and not hold rage and hate towards those people or but instead pray for them even though they do us wrong and mistreat us. Because we’re showing the love of God and that’s the best thing you can do, it’s the roadless traveled but it’s the best road you can ever take and it leads to complete contentment, happiness, peace, and all the fruits of the spirit. In Jesus name, amen.

Lyle Henry

thats lengthy. Anyway, prayers sent.

Deity Emmanuel Idemudia

As A Christian ,I am going through some anxiety at this moment if anyone hurts our family or threatenes we do get angry especially the people we love my thoughts ,go straight out of the window , I get really angry. I have to repent to the lord and ask him to give peace it takes a while for me to calm down. I get anxious I just have to keep on talking to God and try and give everything to him ,which is so dam hard at times especially if our loved ones get hurt . But by God’s grace I keep on praying and saying help me lord take over this situation I try and give it all to him. ,but it is so dam hard sometimes I am not perfect and I never will be ,untill I am in the kingdom of heaven , with my Saviour. We are not of this world ,we belong to our Saviour sand wish he would hurry up and come back and rid of all evil wickedness. I pray for that alot. But what is happening all over the world at the moment in Revelation ,we are going through the birthpains it is all coming together . All true the world’s in a mess especially with Afghanistan being taken over a gain .The lord is coming ,just be ready h,e is coming .Amen

Carol Juniper