PLEASE pray for me

PLEASE pray for me
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Can anyone please genuinely pray for my well-being and overall health . I’m having quite a bit of stress and anxiety related health issues that I can’t seem to overcome. My body and mind is tired and I feel overwhelmed. I pray daily, but sometimes feels like I’m losing faith. Please. I’m desperate.



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I pray that God gives you PEACE. I pray that he heal your soul.Please have faith that he will bless you real soon. JUST BELIEVE! In JESUS NAME! AMEN.

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Will surely include you in my prayers! I have been there before, I know it is hard. But do not lose hope, trust the Lord for He will help you and guide you to a better and brighter path! Situations like these are ways of learning new lessons to apply in our daily lives! Talk to the Lord God! It really helps! :yellow_heart:


@Jacq1987 Father Above, I pray before You today seeking strength and well-being for Jacq. I pray that You grant him the strength to power through days and health, to last a lifetime.
Lord, grant him good health and heal his mind, body, and soul. Let him, Your vessel be filled with the strength to make jubilations because of Your ever constant help. I thank You for the blessings Oh Lord, and In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

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Oh Lord we commit your Child into your hands. Your word says You know the plans you have for us and that they are plans to bring us to an expected end. We pray that You fill your child’s heart with the absolute knowledge of this promise so they shall be blessed with true peace. Replenish body and spirit and empower your child again. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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Father God in Heaven, I lift up to you @Jacq1987!
I pray that you teach her the art of rest as what you said in Matthew 11:28.

Let every burden be lifted up and let your yoke be upon her. Remove ever anxieties, tiredness, lies and deceptions from the enemies. In Jesus Name!

Let the Holy Spirit breathe life unto her right now and giver her a good sleep.

In Jesus Name. Amen!

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By the light and truth of Jesus I lift my loved one to you. By the hope of the Redeemer, I pray for your healing power to break through. By the peace and the grace of the Living One, I place them safely in your care. By the death and resurrection of the King of Kings May your restoration now flow through my prayers. By the greatest gift of love ever known, Help me care for them as you would do. By the hope and strength of the living God, I place my trust and faith in you.