Please pray for my grandma she is going through terrible pain in her I knees

Please pray for my grandma she is going through terrible pain in her I knees and she is having troubles to walk or sleep. Please pray for her to be healed! Thankyou!God bless us all!

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Lord, we believe you are the most powerful healer of all. Please heal Nadya’s grandmother who is experiencing terrible pain in her knees as well as she has having troubles in walking and sleeping. Shower your mercy upon her and heal her Lord. Amen.

Hi, Nadya. Praying for the peace of Christ to rule in your grandma’s heart and mind. I pray for a good night’s rest and of relaxing sleep. May she hear God’s voice and encounter Jesus in her sleep.I am declaring healing in her body and strength in her knees. I command the pain to be gone and all sorts of discomfort. May your grandma be filled with joy and hope In Jesus’ name!:pray::sparkling_heart:

Lord, I pray that you heal Nadya’s grandmother. Please restore her health and heal her knees so she will not have trouble in walking or sleeping. I absolutely believe you have the power to heal. I also pray for all the persons suffering from illness. Please heal them oh Lord. Please be with them during these difficult time. Amen.

Dear Lord God, I pray for the wellbeing of Nadya Lidya’s grandma. May you give her strength, Dear Lord God. Take away her pain, Lord. Heal her from whatever she is feeling. Giver her peace of mind Dear God and guide her always. Let her know Dear God that you are greater and far more powerful than the pain she is feeling! Amen.

Hello, dear @Steven
And dear Nadya, I’ll pray for and with you, as there’s nothing more powerful than a praying in community.
Dear God, remember your daughter, remember the grandma of Nadya, she’s in need, she’s in pain, help her to aliviate that pain, in the ways that you only know, help her trough her doctors, bless her and give her more faith. She’ll pray and she’ll pray really from the heart. Amen
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving Nadya’s grandma. I know that you hate what this illness is doing to her and all the pain she is going through. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that you would heal this disease, that you would have compassion and bring healing to her. In Jesus name, Amen.

@Steven prayers up for her grandmother. Please Help her lord god, jesus christ will touch her knees so it will heal immediately. God will heal her and give the right medicine. Its better and its good to know that everyone is praying for you or caring for you even though. We are not Part of the family. If this kind of people spread to the world it will build a new world, no judgement just a pure heart to help.

Lord, please guide and heal Nadya’s grandmother. Take away the pain in her knees. Protect her from illness. Restore her sleep to be restful, and give her the strength she need to embrace joy and peace. Amen.