Please pray for our family. My mom has passed away from Colon cancer

Please pray for our family. My mom has passed away from Colon cancer. She went in the hospital, and four days later she needed surgery, because she had a very large tumor in her colon. The tumor exploding, and they had to take out her ovaries, uterus, piece of the small intestine, and her colon.
She survived surgery, but they had to put her in the icu, and sedate her. They said it’s better this way, because she won’t feel the pain.
Then my mom developed a blood clot in her hand so they did surgery. The blood clot came back so they did surgery again. The clot just kept coming back so they put a stent in her vein, and put her on blood thinners. The next day her heart stopped beating. The blood thinners allowed the blood clot to flow straight to her heart
Eight years ago I begged my mom to go to the doctor. I told her she has Colon cancer, and she got extremely upset with me!
I get these strong feelings, and I’m pretty sure that God talks through me to help people. I constantly would tell my mom she needs to see the doctor, and her reply would be what are you wishing it on me! I would never wish that on anyone. I even said I would go with her to have test together.
I begged my mom not to have surgery, but she felt God wants her to have it. She wanted to feel better. She was down to 64lbs. She couldn’t eat no more, because the tumor made her feel full all the time.
My mom made a choice not to get checked, and in the end of her life she paid the ultimate price. Now we are suffering without her
my mom was the greatest, and the greatest grandmother!! We miss her so much
I know she is at peace now in heaven with the Lord.
God give us choices to make, but I really think God knows when you are born what choices you will make. I really believe if my mom made the right choice she could be with her family still and most likely survived into her nineties, not passing away at seventy-five.
I apologizes for this long post.
Love you all

Roxy VanValkenburgh

Your heart is precious. Your mother sounds like she was such a big blessing to you. She is in the presence of The Lord now, there is no more suffering …Now you can give out to others the love she poured out in you.My mother who is 84 years old is wanting to die so badly and wants God to take her. Unfortunately she has given up on life. It’s so sad to watch her waste her life.God bless you with your beautiful memories of your mother

Hope Thompson

God has her with all the angels in heaven take care of yourself and your family and God bless u

Manuel Cuellar

Loved your post, we just have to trust God. “All things work for the good of those who love God who are called according to His purpose.”

Dhang Trinidad

Wow soooo sad, we pray that the HS willll comfort you… IN JESUS Name

Adri Oosthuizen

Joe Floyd

Praying for comfort

Celeste Tila Vili

Robyn Freeman