Please stand with me and BELIEVE with us that Alexa is going to be Healed in Jesus Name

My Beautiful Baby
She’s been in remission from leukemia for 3 years. On November 17th we found out that Leukemia was back.
When I came home and told Alexa she was so sad. The saddest I’ve ever seen her. Our whole house was… it was just so quiet.
Alexa went into her room and cried. A couple hours later she came down and was glowing.
She said mom so you believe God can heal me? I said Yeeeess of course… She said do you believe God can do miracles? I said Yeees I do
She said Mom after you told me the leukemia was back I cried out to God and I told Him God please help me… please Heal me! I’ll let these walls around my heart come down for you I’ll share you with everyone I know… I’ll give you My life… please just heal me.
She said mom… I know He’s going to heal me. It’s going to be a miracle.
She said… Do you Believe?
I said yes I believe… then she said Then Stand with me mom and Believe with me.
When we went to the doctors the next day… On Thursday the doctors talked about treatment.
Alexa stood up and said Nooo I’m not doing treatment. I would rather die than go through that again. I know Gods going to heal me. And she walked out of the room.
She has decided she not doing treatment.
This morning she said Mom… start a Prayer chain…. it’s time to Pray!
Please stand with me and BELIEVE with us that Alexa is going to be Healed in Jesus Name
Please share… and let’s stand in Agreement

Holly Vaughn

Susie Hampton

I truly believe in Jesus Christ Name you Will be Heal Amen Thank you Jesus for hearing our humble prayers

Jackie Stanley

Her faith is wonderful The Lord has touched her heart. May she remain strong in her faith n be healed. Amen.

Maricela Mari