Popular Singer suggests "Jesus Would Agree with Abortion"

Popular Singer suggests "Jesus Would Agree with Abortion"

Glad that Franklin Graham responded to this confused artist that the author of life doesnot stand for destruction of life. Today’s culture is bit strange and growing so independent of God - sometimes people even forget they are humans beings and re write the laws of life as if they themselves are God.

One of the things that is very prevalent in the recent days is that people saying I think if Jesus was at this place he wouldnt have done this or he would have done this. Not having the foundation of scriptures people are inclined to their own thinking and want to bring Jesus in to their opinions. What do you guys think?

How can we be careful of not bringing Jesus into our own sinful conclusions?

I think the reason that people are saying “I think if Jesus was at this place he wouldn’t have done this or he would have done this.” is because they are taught by their pastors and preachers (and in Madonna’s case: priest, bishop or pope) to ask themselves the question “What Would Jesus Do?” In fact, most people have seen the anagram for that saying: WWJD.

We should not ask ourselves what WOULD Jesus do? We need to ask the Lord, “What DID Jesus do?” Then go and read the Gospels many times until we learn exactly what Jesus was really like. God didn’t send His Son to live an entire human life for nothing. We have personal eyewitness accounts - 4 of them - to tell us what Jesus actually did. That is our role model.

Plainly stated? It’s not about what we think. It’s about what God thinks.

We should find out what Jesus did and follow Him. That ONLY comes from reading the Word regularly, daily, and repenting of our sins regularly, daily, and believing on Jesus Christ as our Master and Savior constantly. Let Him be your role model, not people. Madonna is only a person, not God. Jesus was God and Man in the flesh. That is who we need to trust and follow.