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  1. Addicted to Lust: Pornography in the Lives of Conservative Protestants: Samuel L. Perry: 9780190844219: Books

This book is essential for scholars of religion and sexuality, but is approachable for a general audience as well. Drawing on both secondary data and interviews, Perry demonstrates the negative impact viewing pornography has on Christians embedded within communities that emphasize sexual purity. This piece contributes to a crucial conversation on the power social identity has to shape a variety of outcomes.

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Addicted to Lust is a great book, no matter how or why you are interested in religion in the modern world or pornography use. Pastors, social scientists, and anyone interested in these topics will find the book both engaging and informative. By combining rigorous data analysis with in-depth interviews, as well as thoughtful content analysis of the works of evangelicals leaders, Perry is able to provide a picture of porn use among conservative Protestants in way that is both broad and rich in narrative. Perhaps most impressively, the author’s sympathetic and learned understanding of contemporary Protestant theology allows him to understand how and why pornography affects the lives of conservative Protestant men and women in the ways that it does.

In sum, this book is well written, extensively researched, fair minded. Highly recommended for anyone interested in contemporary evangelicalism or pornography use in the digital age.

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  1. Pornography: Slaying the Dragon (Resources for Changing Lives) (9780875526775): David Powlison: Books (Booklet)

This is an excellent resource that draws the reader into the mind of the person trapped by the lure of pornography. It is insightful without being gratuitous in its descriptions. It is written in an “interview” style where the author talks with a man who has had a long history with various lusts of the heart. It is helpful and instructive both for the person who struggles with pornography and also for those who are married to those who struggle with pornography. In our ministry, we use this resource in conjunction with a worksheet we have designed to walk people through biblical principles related to overcoming the lusts that so readily grip the soul. We highly recommend it along with many of the other “resources for changing lives” booklets.

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Pornography is one of the biggest issues the church is facing today. Continuing not to address the issue in a large scale will leave the church with a lot of porn watchers whose thirst and hungers for God died and spiritual eyes blinded. These two resources address the issue of pornography in today’s setting. If you want to talk about this topic or testimony that you want to share or have some good resources that you think might help others, please post here.

it is a problem that needs to be discussed more and solved.