Post Types/ Post Guideline

Dear Community Crossmap Members,

Following are the post types/categories that you will find in Community Crossmap!

Do choose the right category while you post!



Prayer Request

Devotional (New)

  • You may share your personal devotion or some new things that you learnt in your journey of faith.
  • Maybe daily/weekly/monthly



  • Movie

Sharing your view on a recent movie you watched and interesting Christian themes you found in the movie or any other observations you want to share with the community(Example: Shazam! - A movie I watched recently)

New releases or old movies that you came across recently that you think is helpful for the community. (Example: 6 Christian Movies to be out this spring)

  • Book

Writing a short reflection/review on a book that you recently read and how it helped your faith

Inviting people to read a book together and hold discussion (Example: BAM (Business as Mission) Global Movement )

and of course Sharing/asking book recommendations (Example: Christian Book - Easter Sale)

  • Music

New Christian Music you listened and why do you like it


News/Events/Social Issues

You may share your views on recent event or news and its effect/impact on you and on the Christian community, if any. (Example: Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles gave all the Glory to God. How do you feel?


  • Of course this is just the basic outline of posts on this site. The scope of your posts may be and can be wider that what is written here.

  • Keep your posts, questions, comments and answers as original as possible. In some special cases (Example: you want to quote, additional information and some others) you might use outside sources. But on the whole we encourage you to keep the posts as original as possible.

Thank you and Happy Posting!