Powerful Easter Choir 'Way Maker' Leaded by Michael W. Smit at Home

Michael W. Smith had the privilege of leading worship for Brentwood Baptist’s Easter Services on April 12, 2020. All singers had to sing their parts from their safely at home… as did Michael.

Hello, dear @Steven,
What a wonderful song, I have always loved music as it manages to make you feel a lot. If you combine it with faith in God, you have the best combination ever.
For things like this, is why the internet has become such a good tool to unite the people. Even more in these difficult times.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

This is actually one of my favorite song! Thank you Sir @Steven for sharing it…It really moved me everytime I hear this one, truly God is a way maker even in our darkest times. God bless us all.

The 36 voices you hear were all recorded separately at different times and in different locations. Each woman had only the melody playing in her ear and then sang the part that she wanted, no music was written out. All videos were recorded using cell phones. I’m so thankful for each of these women and their willingness to make my vision a reality (when I started this project, I had no idea something like this had already been done by the talented Eric Whitacre). To my sweet and patient husband, thank you for making the execution of this video a possibility.